5 Ways To Go Green in Your Beauty Routine

go green with your beauty routine April is Earth Month, so it’s the perfect time to make some eco-conscious changes to your everyday life. From regularly recycling, to eating organically, to being more water conscious, there are a lot of little things we can do to go green and reduce our ecological footprint. Which brings us to our next point: this Earth Month, why not rethink our beauty routines, too? Whether it’s swearing off parabens or choosing more earth-friendly packaging, going green can do as much good for our bodies as the Earth. If you’re nervous about taking the plunge into all-natural, don’t stress. Instead of performing a complete overhaul of your routine, start with a few easy changes and move up from there. Below, our top 5 ways to go green for..... Read more

4 Natural Beauty Products b-glowing Editors Can’t Live Without

natural beauty products that b-glowing staffers can't live withoutApril is Earth Month, which gives us an excuse to talk about one of our all-time favorite things: natural, eco-friendly beauty. Check out our roundup of all natural all-stars —clean products that are so efficacious, they've replaced their traditional counterparts in our daily routines. From a high-intensity highlighter to a rose-scented body oil, these Mother Nature-approved picks show that eco-conscious can be oh-so chic.

4 Vegan Beauty Brands You Need to Know

  4 vegan beauty brands you should know prtty peaushun body lotionAt b-glowing, we understand that being vegan doesn’t stop at your kitchen. And while options for vegan beauty have grown exponentially over the years, finding products that are free from animal byproducts and ultra-luxurious? Now that's trickier. Because we believe "vegan" and "quality" are not mutually exclusive, we’ve rounded up four luxury brands that you can indulge in — without worrying about your furry friends. Shop b-glowing
Skin Care 

b-glowing + Oribe talk hair trends from around the world

Oribe hair care products

As social media expands our awareness of global beauty, our curiosity grows, too. Take hair trends, for instance: in the US,  bendy, beachy lobs and braids reign supreme, but what about the rest of the world? How do women in Australia style their tresses? What's the most-requested haircut in Parisian salons? In this next installment of #BeautyTrendsFromAroundTheWorld, we turn our attention to hair. To gain insight into regional styles and hair trends, we sat down with three, international educators from Oribe Hair Care. Read on for the coolest crops in three different countries, plus tips, tricks and products to pull them off.
Paris, France Ramona Eschbach, Oribe Educator
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Celebrate International Beauty

international beauty tips and tricks From the effortless appeal of salt-soaked, Californian hair, to the enduring mystique of the French it-girl, to the ethereal complexions of Korean bloggers, beauty looks different around the world. And while the concept of human beauty remains largely subjective, one thing is for certain—women all over the globe participate in rituals, regimens, and traditions in order to achieve it. Whether we realize it or not, our beauty standards and tastes are steeped in our country’s traditions—they’re ingrained in our culture, our landscape, and even the native flora and fauna that thrive there. While strobing and boy brows are big in the U.S., beauty trends we consider "normal" may not be the norm in South Africa or Brazil. In honor of International Women’s Day, we decided to do a little investigating: how..... Read more