#FemaleFounders: Susie Rogers of Beauty Works West

Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rodgers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you've probably heard of "ingestible beauty"—the latest trend taking the beauty world by storm. And while ingestibles are enjoying a surge in popularity of late, the concept of “beauty from the inside out” is certainly not a new one. In fact, London-based brand Beauty Works West has been making beauty supplements since 2013, long before Olivia Munn started singing their praises. We sat down with health and wellness expert (and co-founder of Read more

Double Cleansing: What it is, and Why You Should Try it

Erno Laszlo, Skincare, Double cleansing, Cleansing oil, Cleansing bar When it comes to skincare, I strive for convenience above all else. Honestly, there are nights where I’m lucky to wash my face at all, so the idea of double cleansing? It always seemed a little high-maintenance for my tastes. That is, until I tried it. Firstly, let me explain what double cleansing means. Initially popularized in Japanese and Korean beauty routines, double cleansing is washing your face twice—so, pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The science behind the method is simple, really. Oil attracts oil, so you start with an oil-based cleanser to pull out “oily dirt” (I.e. makeup and sebum). Then, you wash your face a second time to dislodge deeper impurities, such as sweat and environmental ..... Read more

Liquid, cream, powder or moisturizer? Here’s what highlighter is right for you

Highlighter, b-glowing, Egyptian magic, Laura Geller, Becca Cosmetics, It cosmetics, strobing Who needs a professional lighting crew when you have a good highlighter? Strobing puts your best features forward, adding a fresh-faced glow to cheekbones, brows, and any feature you wish to…well, highlight! Now that you’re ready to glow, you’re gonna need the perfect highlighter. …but, what exactly is the difference between cream, liquid and powder, which should you choose? Below, our highlighter breakdown: a few of our faves, and how to find the perfect formula for you! Liquid Works best w..... Read more

4 Beauty Tools You Never Knew You Needed

sigma, Beautyblender, Vera Mona, Makeup Eraser, b-glowing As beauty curators, we get to try out the best tools in the biz-and a few wacky ones, to boot! While they may look a little odd, these gadgets offer brilliant solutions to your beauty woes. Here, four weird and wonderful tools you never knew you needed. VERA MONAColor Switch Duo Are you totally eyeshadow obsessed? Then you can..... Read more

I Tried It: ARCONA’s Natural Skincare Routine

Arcona, Skincare routine, b-glowing, natural I remember the first time I tried ARCONA. The year was 2013. I was a b-glowing.com newbie, still learning the ropes and getting my feet wet at a new company, and a new industry for that matter. ARCONA was one of the first brand trainings I attended and I remember falling instantly in love with both their ‘all-natural, less is more’ ingredient philosophy and products. That was over three years ago and I am still a huge fan – I j..... Read more