#BeautyByTheStars – Happy Birthday, Gemini

smith & cult beauty Welcome to another installment of #BeautyByTheStars—b-glowing's very own beauty-centric horoscope. Today, we're wishing all our Gemini devotees a very happy birthday! Symbolized by the Twins, Geminis carry a special duality within them, embodying two seemingly contradictory forces—light and dark, male and female, hot and cold, good and evil. Some might view Geminis as a tangled web of paradoxes, but in truth, their dual nature makes them extremely fair, understanding and non-judgmental people. Geminis can befriend almost anyone—even their exact opposites—and are capable of understanding multiple points of view. Their interests and obsessions change often and without warning—it’s not out of character for a Gemini to like one thing and ..... Read more

A letter from our founder

b-glowing founder Lisa A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday—the key word being “celebrated.” For the first time in recent memory, I was actually excited about being a year older. Up until recently, the aging process wasn’t something I welcomed, let alone rejoiced over. At some point in my late 20s, I stopped looking forward to my birthday and started dreading it. And honestly, who could blame me? We live in an age-obsessed society—one that equates youth with relevancy. Like many women, I bought into the myth that “old” equaled “bad”, and if I wasn’t young, I didn’t matter as much. age positivity ..... Read more

4 Essential Summer Beauty Swaps

summer beauty essentials You wouldn’t wear a bulky wool sweater in sweltering heat, so…what are you doing with that super thick day cream? Along with summer temps comes the seasonal beauty switch-up. It’s time to ditch those heavy, sticky, stifling winter formulas in favor of something lighter and more refreshing. Ahead, four essential summer beauty swaps. (Pssst…you can try all these products in our Summer Swaps Beauty Bundle, too!) Ditch: Cream/balm cleanser Swap for: Gel cleanser We recommend: Youth to the People Age Prevention Cleanser Read more

5 Ways To Go Green in Your Beauty Routine

go green with your beauty routine April is Earth Month, so it’s the perfect time to make some eco-conscious changes to your everyday life. From regularly recycling, to eating organically, to being more water conscious, there are a lot of little things we can do to go green and reduce our ecological footprint. Which brings us to our next point: this Earth Month, why not rethink our beauty routines, too? Whether it’s swearing off parabens or choosing more earth-friendly packaging, going green can do as much good for our bodies as the Earth. If you’re nervous about taking the plunge into all-natural, don’t stress. Instead of performing a complete overhaul of your routine, start with a few easy changes and move up from there. Below, our top 5 ways to go green f..... Read more

4 Natural Beauty Products b-glowing Editors Can’t Live Without

natural beauty products that b-glowing staffers can't live withoutApril is Earth Month, which gives us an excuse to talk about one of our all-time favorite things: natural, eco-friendly beauty. Check out our roundup of all natural all-stars —clean products that are so efficacious, they've replaced their traditional counterparts in our daily routines. From a high-intensity highlighter to a rose-scented body oil, these Mother Nature-approved picks show that eco-conscious can be oh-so chic.