3 Reasons to Buy High-End Hair Styling Tools

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T3 Featherweight JourneyThere’s nothing wrong with being a budget-smart fashionista. It’s a good move to pinch your pennies, but sometimes holding onto them can do more harm than good. When you’re hunting for a new styling tool, it’s tempting to buy a less expensive model than pay an arm and a leg for the high-end version. But sometimes you have to spare no expense when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair.

Not sure why high-end styling tools (such as the high-tech hair dryers and flat irons by T3) cost so much more than their cheaper counterparts? For starters, they offer several practical benefits:

1. Even heat distribution.

High-end styling tools like the SinglePass straightening iron use ceramic plates with special technologies, like Tourmaline. Less expensive styling tools usually only use ceramic-coated plates. (Fail.) Ceramic can withstand high temperatures, and the plates are excellent at distributing the heat evenly, which helps seal hair cuticles better. (Win!) Plus, the negative ions in high-end styling tools by T3 and other manufacturers keep your hair from looking like the F-word (frizzy).

2. Save time.

Because high-end styling tools heat up quickly and distribute the heat evenly, you spend less time styling your hair. Styling products that are more expensive, such as the T3 Featherweight hair dryer, are generally more reliable than their budget counterparts, so you get a quick, fantastic result every time you do your hair.

3.  Save your locks from unnecessary damage.

There’s no way around it – heat damages your hair. However, when you’re able to adjust the temperature of your styling tool for your hair type and choose a hair dryer or flat iron that distributes heat evenly and uses the latest technologies to protect your hair, you can save your tresses from unnecessary cruelty. When you use a low-end product that doesn’t heat up well or provides you with the minimum you need to pull off a style, you end up exposing your hair to heat longer than necessary. The sad truth is that the more you expose your locks to heat (because your styling tool doesn’t get the job done efficiently) the drier and duller they get.

When it comes to styling products, you always end up paying for them in one way or another. You can go cheap and pay for extra products to help salvage heat-damaged hair. Or you can pay the extra cash upfront for products such as a T3 hair dryer that will keep your hair healthy and looking awesome in the long run.

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