Add Luster to Gray Hair With The Sachajuan Silver Conditioner

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Shop Sachajuan haircare here! The first gray hair can be a shock for most people, especially if you're in your mid twenties and early thirties and are starting to sprout ahead of schedule. The color in our hair comes from melanin which over the course of aging can stop, meaning no pigment goes into the shaft at all. I think gray, shiny silver hair is incredibly beautiful and if you are a silver fox who wants to maintain that rich shade then there are many products to keep it from going dull or yellow looking. A few were featured in Vogue magazine like the Sachajuan Silver Conditioner.Great for platinum blondes as well, this violet tinged formula neutralizes yellow and enhances luster and hydration to naturally gray and white hair. Team it up with the Sachajuan Silver Shampoo for a winning duo!



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