Best Beauty Products for 2012

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Ahhh that time has come around where we make our resolutions for the year and try to be good and abide by them for the next 365 days. For a lot of us, this has to do with losing weight, saving money, being kinder or more understanding, the list goes on and on. It's also the time of year or month where we spend a lot of money showering our friends and family with gifts but not taking the time to be giving and kind to ourselves. Unfortunately, when we get busy our skin our beauty routine is the area that can suffer greatly. So I say, have one of your resolutions be to give your skin the much needed tender, love'n caring it deserves and have 2012 be the year your skin looks better than it ever has before. Here are a few products that will change your skin for the better.

Clarisonic Mia2
We never get sick of confessing our love for our dear Clarisonic products. Not even a month ago a new addition arrived which was the Mia2. It comes in pink or white shades and is an updated version to the Mia in that it has two speeds and a 60 second T-timer. Still the perfect size for traveling and will absolutely change the life of your skin by giving it a 6X better cleanse than doing it manually. Gentle bristles rotate 300 times per second allowing for dirt and oil to be removed in those stubborn and hard to reach places.

Clarisonic Pink Mia2(TM) Sonic Skin Cleansing

Baby Quasar Baby Blue
Do you suffer from acne and have tried numerous prescriptions, products and potions with no changes or have lead to more problems? I'm sure the one technique you haven't tried is light therapy. Baby Quasar is a hand held device that brings the technology of the professionals into your own home.  Simply spend a short period of time under this light and it will kill off acne causing bacteria and calming inflammation. Best of all, this is a safe, gentle and painless at home treatment that is the most powerful anti-acne fighting device you can do yourself!

Baby Blue

Duchess Marden Neck & Decolette Serum
The first area to show sings of aging in females is our decolletage and neck. Que sun spots, crepey skin and wrinkles! I've spent a lot of time in the sun over my years and am now finding myself trying to turn back the hands of time. Since we can't totally go back in time, at least we can work on treating these areas so over time they become less noticeable. At the office us girls have been obsessed with the Duchess Marden Decolletage Serum. This lightweight lotion stimulates and firms collagen while diminishing discoloration, dark spots and reducing melanin. Not to mention it leaves a natural glow in that region!

Damascena Neck & Décolleté Serum

Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye
Recently featured on Dr Oz, this eye cream had audience members gasping as the Dr himself showed his before and after results. Quick working, this product will instantly transform your eye area by tightening, firming and smoothing fine lines. The results are astounding! Team it up with it's sister product, Instant FIRMx to tighten the skin on your face!

Instant FIRMx Eye

Frederic Fekkai Ageless Creme Luxe Hair Treatment
If your hair needs a total overhall including moisture, shine and conditioning then give it the ultimate in hair treatments and watch it work it's way back into life. Rare Orchid Extract and regenerating proteins will renew hair strength and protect against further structural damage.

Ageless(TM) Crème Luxe Hair Treatment

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