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butter LONDON founder Sasha Muir has co-created BEVÉE, a new line of chic and practical handbags, and b-glowing is featuring their Mini Vanity Mirror as our newest gift with purchase. We were lucky enough to chat with Sasha about her style inspiration and what the future holds for this luxury line.

Why did you decide to launch your own line of luxury handbags?

As an entrepreneur, I love to develop products and build brands with a unique twist. Having started and grown butter LONDON, I was eager to do it again in another fashion category.  Between work, home, and play, our plates are full (and we love it!). I believe there is a need for handbags that work with our busy lifestyles – and help us look fabulous doing it. And so, BEVÉE was born. 

Where do you find your inspiration for your handbag designs?
I am a Brit and always look to home for my design inspiration. As such, BEVÉE bags have a chic, understated European aesthetic. With clean lines, classic silhouettes and just enough hardware, they are designed to standout in the crowd without shouting out. 

Your first bag is called the “24/7 Sidekick” – what’s behind the name?
I love naming things – such a fun part of my work! This bag is called the “24/7 sidekick” because it is your perfect accomplice, day and night. It’s designed to evolve with us during our busy days and carry everything we need (and nothing we don’t)! It easily changes up between a clutch and a cross-body / shoulder bag, boasts a full size wallet (with plenty of room for your smart phone and LIPPY) and features our patent-pending ‘ditch and dash’ billfold. (This little guy will change your life, I promise!). 

How would you describe the BEVÉE girl?
She’s self-assured, with a busy work life and fun-filled social life. She has a lot going on. She’s got a job with no fear of a ceiling. She loves fashion, but is not a slave to trends. She loves getting people together who she thinks will be great together. She loves to share her finds with others. Whether it’s BEVÉE bag, a yoga class, a dress, a great sales girl or dessert spot around the corner, her friends cannot wait to hear about it.

What can we expect to see from BEVÉE in the future? Can you give us a little teaser?
Ha - more fabulous bags?!? Sorry! I can’t share exactly what we will add to the line yet! I can tell you that our leathers will continue to be as soft as butter (no pun intended!!) and that our colour range will include both modern twists on classics (check out our fab navy called 'indigo') and fashion hues (like this summer’s hot fave 'hemlock' green).

Tell us a little about the Mini Vanity Mirror.
It’s a gorgeous, leather-encased and embossed mirror in this summer’s favorite hue – 'hemlock’ green. Perfect for checking your makeup when you are out and about, it tucks discreetly into the BEVÉE 24/7 Sidekick but is big enough to keep you looking at your best all day.

Snag your own $30 value Mini Vanity Mirror in hemlock with any storewide purchase of $75+, plus FREE shipping on USA orders and 3 FREE samples of your choice.

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