Bringing Back the Art of the Shave

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Dear b-glowing fashionistas: Today’s post is for the men in your life. Like cigars and martinis, the barbershop-style shave is back as one of the top grooming trends for men. Guys like to be pampered, and few refuse the treat of a sitting in a vintage barber chair for a hot towel, warm cream and straight razor. With the right tools, the effects of a great shave can last twice as long using a disposable razor in the shower.

Tips for Guys: The Ultimate Close Shave

Start warm. The best time to shave is just after a shower because the steam and moisture make the coarse hairs on your face plump and soft and the pores on your face open. An alternative to a shower is placing a hot, moist towel on your face for 10 minutes.

Exfoliate. Not just for girls, an exfoliating face wash will help open your pores, cleanse impurities in your skin, prime the hair follicles and raise the stubble on your face. Furthermore, exfoliating will help prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs on your face and neck, which can appear as acne.

Never neglect the pre-shave oil or gel. Supplement your shaving cream with a pre-shave facial oil or gel, which softens the hairs on your face and prepares your skin for a close shave. The oil acts as a cushion that prevents nicks and cuts.

Use the right shaving cream. The beauty industry offers shaving creams, gels and lotions for men, which are supposed to help soothe skin and prevent razor burn. The best shaving cream depends on your skin type; never use anything that stings, burns, numbs or tingles. Offending ingredients in a shaving cream can include alcohol, peppermint, citrus and menthol.

Razor sharp. Never use a dull razor on your face because it will be more likely to draw blood. Use gentle strokes as you shave, and throw away the blades after four uses.

Three-step process. The first time you shave, shave with the grain of the hair on your face. Then reapply your shaving cream and shave against the grain. Finally, to make sure you’re hair-free, repeat the second step.

Aftershave. The health of your skin depends on your post-shave practices. Always use an alcohol-free aftershave to balance the moisture of your skin, calm any irritations and prevent ingrown hairs or clogged pores.

Shaving Gifts for Men

If you want to pamper a special man in your life for Father’s Day, a birthday or a special treat, you can never go wrong with shaving accessories. Here’s a list of time-tested favorites:

The essentials: The Art of Shaving’s 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave collection comes with a full-sized pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm and a badger hair shaving brush. If the recipient is new to the luxury shave experience or travels often, give him The 4 Elements Starter Mini Kit.

Bvlgari cologne: Created by one of the world’s top perfumers, the Bvlgari White Tea Cologne is the perfect post-shave complement. Its scents are structured around the fragrance of precious and rare teas. He’ll love the scent of a woody, floral musk combined with a white tea base.

Brush and comb: The feel of a Mason Pearson hairbrush on your scalp comes second only to a relaxing head massage. Made from boar bristles, nylon or a mix of both, a luxury hairbrush will be in the recipient’s grooming drawer for several years. For the bearded or curly-haired fellow, pair a hairbrush with a detangling or rake comb.

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