Citrus Scents to Liven Up Your Mood

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Citrus Scents to Liven Up Your Mood

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There’s nothing like a perfume with notes of citrus to boost your mood and awaken your sense of playfulness. While citrus can sometimes be overpowering, there are also plenty of perfumes on the softer side, depending on your scent style and mood. If you’re like us, your perfume selections can change as often as your lipstick shades. These four scents each offer up a unique twist on citrus fragrances, and are from four really awesome brands, too.


Honores Des Pres – Honore’s Trip

This Eau de Toilette is a bottled version of Walking On Sunshine, and to add to the cool factor, it is 100% natural for those with sensitivities. Immediately, you’ll notice notes of Moroccan tangerine and Florida oranges to invigorate the olfactory sense. The scent is made more complex with notes of spicy pepper from the trees of the Philippine Islands. Inspired by nature and packaged in handmade glass, Honore’s Trip gets an A+ from us.

Capsule Parfums – Urbane

Urbane is a fresh and bright mix of citrus and cream, including notes of bergamot and tonka bean. We also like that this perfume is unisex, so it has a cool edge that keeps people guessing. The dry down is really nice, as the edge softens a bit, and you will find yourself sneaking a whiff of your wrist as the day goes on. Much like its unisex characteristic, we put this perfume right in the middle of tangy and soft. Perfect!

By Rosie Jane – Tilly Perfume

Think tropical—Tilly has notes of grapefruit, pineapple and gardenia, which makes it an ideal summer scent. It’s fruity, floral warmness will have you thinking of beaches and palm trees in no time. Described as the “sexy sister” of Leila Lou, there is definitely a sultry vibe to Tilly, and as a fragrance oil, it heats up nicely on pulse points.

Le Couvent de Mininmes -Eau des Minimes Botanical Fragrance –

Refreshing with a bite of three different citrus fruits, this fragrance not only smells great, but also has seven added plants to provide amazing benefits. You’ll be soothed with hollyhock, fortified by burdock, revitalized with rosemary, calmed by wild pansy and lemon balm, refreshed by grapefruit, blood orange, and lemon, and finally, feel an overall sense of well being, courtesy of neroli and benzoin.

All of these scents make perfect additions to the impending summer season, and all evoke a special kind of happiness—much like the feeling of the first full day of sunshine.

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