3 Beauty Gadgets that can Change Your Life

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Baby Quasar Light Therapy DevideMen have their toys, so there’s no reason women shouldn’t have their own. In an increasingly technology-oriented world, it’s no surprised that the beauty industry has been developing gadgets geared toward achieving a more polished image. And they aren’t tinker toys – these beauty gadgets can change your life. With regular use, you can attain brighter, younger-looking skin, and a smile to match, without needles or expensive appointments.

Turn your beauty routine high-tech with the latest in skin care and teeth-whitening products:

1. Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush

You’ve probably seen it before – the facial-cleansing brush with the rotating head. The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing brush leaves your washcloth in the dust as it deeply cleans your pores without the need to use harsh chemicals or scratchy, abrasive exfoliating creams. As soon as you start using a Clarisonic brush, you’ll notice that your skin feels instantly smoother. With repeated use, your skin problems and blemishes will become a thing of the past.

2. Baby Quasar Light Therapy

You’ve seen lasers, injections and pills used to help solve skin problems. Now you can get the same effects without the needles, pain or doctor appointments by using this light system from Baby Quasar. Developed by NASA scientists, this gadget uses light therapy to give your skin the glow you’ve always wanted. Use the red or pink Baby Quasar for anti-aging to help heal your skin, promote circulation, even out skin tone, fade brown spots, firm your skin and smooth out wrinkles. The blue Baby Quasar is geared toward fighting acne, as the blue light kills bacteria and treats your blemishes. Using the Baby Quasar is as simple as sitting under its light three times a week.

3. GO SMiLE Teeth-Whitening System

You may have seen GO SMiLE’s simple-to-use teeth-whitening system. Now you can take the process a step further with the Smile Whitening Light System. This gadget uses light technology to make your smile up to eight shades lighter in as little as 30 minutes – all without making a trip to the dentist’s office. Simply use the whitening light along with the GO SMiLE whitening ampoules every two weeks to reduce stains and yellowing on your teeth.

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