Deborah Lippmann Spring 2012 Collection

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If Splash with Daryll Hannah and Disney's The Little Mermaid gives you happy thoughts then you're going to love Deborah Lippmann's latest nail lacquers from the resort inspired Spring 2012 range. Called Mermaid's Dream, this gorgeous beach inspired varnish consists of blue and green shimmering shades that once applied resemble and feel like shiny mermaid scales. If mermaid's don't float your boat then take it to the boardwalk with Deborah Lippmann's On The Beach. This bright and rich 'Riviera Blue' is vivacious and such a gorgeous shade to rock going into the warmer seasons!


Mermaid's Dream    On The Beach

A few other new Deborah Lippmann additions definitely worth taking notice of is Stairway to Heaven, an iridescent glitter that can be used on it's own to make nails sparkly like an arctic icicle or layer a coat over another lacquer to give a bit of sparkle! From the heavenly-esque Stairway to Heaven shade, I Love the Nightlife is the polar opposite side of the spectrum in terms of shade, this gorgeous dark graphite is mysteriously moody and looks amaze when layered over a dark gray base coat. Be a lady in red with Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, a risqué red sequin varnish for girls who have a little naughty and nice in them. Like a kid in a lolly shop, Candy Shop, is cotton candy in nail polish form. Bubble gum pink with irridescent glitter will leave your nails with a sweet tooth!


Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?  I Love the Nightlife  Stairway to Heaven

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