In Love With Duchess Marden

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We are excited to introduce to b-glowing a gorgeous skincare line...

Inspired by the scent, hydrating and healing priorities of pure rose water during her journey through Southeast Asia, Marla Steuer, the founder of Duchess Marden, decided to share this gift with the rest of the world and created something beautiful… a nourishing, healing and “scentuous” skincare for body and mind. 

We were lucky enough to meet the Marla and try her products first hand. We all gathered around heard the story of Marla’s journey and were captivated by her enthusiasm and passion for these products.

We first couldn’t help but notice the detail and beauty of the packaging and commented how we usually hide our mis-matched skincare “mountains” in the medicine cabinets and drawers but this was so stunning we would proudly display it all over our bedrooms and bathrooms.

When we tried the product we all fell in love with the natural scent of rose that soon filled the air and were amazed how it soaked into our skin leaving a soft glow- each product soothing, nourishing, and luxurious.

I was so thrilled with the experience I came home and gave my boyfriend a facial (he never let’s me do that) with all Duchess Marden products, and even he was convinced. I had become a complete convert!

My bathroom, nightstand and vanity now proudly boast these gorgeous bottles and I always look forward to my nightly Duchess Marden ritual.



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