Preparing Your Skin and Hair for Spring Vacations

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St. Tropez Spring BreakIf you’re going on a vacation this spring, be sure to pamper yourself before you leave. Winter conditions can ravage your skin and hair. Avoid feeling less fabulous than you actually are – prepare for your spring break by following these tips.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Your skin is probably already parched due to winter dryness. Combine this with the damaging effects of air travel, and you could end up looking positively reptilian just when you should be feeling absolutely gorgeous. It’s not unusual for humidity levels in pressurized airplane cabins to hover around 25 percent. Only desert dwellers are used to that kind of arid environment. Therefore, be sure to drink plenty of water during and before the flight to keep your skin looking plump and healthy.

Additionally, it’s smart to treat yourself to a pre-vacation skin spa. Exfoliating and deeply moisturizing your skin before you leave will help offset the desiccation of air travel and winter dryness. For a natural exfoliation experience, try mixing sweet almond oil with sugar or coffee grinds. Once the dead skin cells of winter have been sloughed away, apply a rich moisturizer.

Body oils are an ideal method for achieving deeply moisturized skin. They’re light enough to enter the deepest layers of skin tissue, and unlike many lotions, body oil won’t dry out over the course of the day. To treat your skin to a pre-vacation treat, apply Rodin olio lusso body oil following a shower or bath. (Your skin is already plump with moisture after you bathe; applying Rodin olio lusso and other body oils at this time keeps that moisture in your skin.) Rodin olio lusso also offers a sumptuous luxury face oil that can add a healthy sheen to any type of skin.

Now that you know how drying air travel can be, you’ll probably be especially tuned in to the effects on your body. Rather than simply watching your cuticles retreat as the cabin air becomes dryer and dryer, keep a rich body crème on hand and apply liberally. Rodin olio lusso Crema Luxury Hand and Body Cream is just the thing. It features jasmine and neroli essential oils to balance the skin and help you feel relaxed.

The Safe Way to Tan: Bronzers

No one wants to step out onto the beach looking as white as a boiled egg. Yet winter’s clouds make it impossible for most of us to get enough sun exposure before our vacations commence. Besides, many of us now avoid UV rays, knowing they are the primary cause of skin cancer. Here’s where bronzers save the day.

A couple of weeks before your vacation, start applying Everyday Gradual Tan Body, one of our favorite St. Tropaz body products. Apply a little of this lotion every day for a gradual increase in tone. Or, if you’re short on time, turn to the most classic of all St. Tropaz body products, Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion. No one will know you faked your way to a suntan with this lotion – it has 70 percent less of that distinct self-tanning aroma, and it smoothes out to a perfect color consistency. By using these and other St. Tropaz body products, you can avoid skin damage while looking perfectly bronzed.

Protect Hair with a Hot Oil or Mask Treatment

Vacation can be tough on your hair. Pool chemicals and ocean water ravage your locks, while all that sun dries it out. And with plenty of fun activities to fill your time on vacation, you’re less likely to give your hair the pampering it needs. Fortunately, you can prepare for your perfect getaway by applying a hot oil or mask treatment to deeply nourish your tresses.

Frederic Fekkai’s Ageless Crème Luxe Hair treatment is an excellent product for pre-vacation protection. It includes orchid extract as well as regenerative proteins to boost vibrancy and elasticity while restoring hair strength. Moreover, this Frederic Fekkai innovation penetrates to the cortex of each hair to defend against breakage. Apply Ageless Crème Luxe Hair treatment by Frederic Fekkai once or twice a week for a few weeks prior to your vacation, and show off your radiant, flowing locks while you’re away from home.

What with finding coverage at work, packing, planning and avoiding stress-spurred family arguments, going on vacation can be a stressful experience! By following the tips listed above, you’ll look gorgeous and feel confident and ready to relax as soon as you step off the plane.

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