Free Your Mane: Creating a Natural Look

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Free Your ManeNatural-looking hair is in! This means no more flat irons or relaxing treatments to make your tresses stick-straight; short, choppy, layered cuts that make you look like you got electrocuted; or hair that’s so frizzy you didn’t notice the birds nesting in it. Natural hair shows off what your mama gave you, and Free Your Mane hair care products can help you accentuate the positive.

Qualities of Natural-Looking Hair

  • Natural, healthy shine from root to tip.
  • Hydrated locks.
  • Tresses are strong and flexible, not weak and brittle.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Hair doesn’t look over-processed with chemicals.
  • Frizz and flyaways are kept under control.


How to Get the Natural Look

Wash your hair with a shampoo that is sulfate free, like the Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo from Free Your Mane, to help maintain the natural moisture in your hair. If you’re a curly girl whose locks have a major frizz factor, shampoo your hair every other day rather than daily.

Condition your hair daily with a product that doesn’t contain mineral oils or parabens, which can create a gross buildup. Since hydration is the key to frizz-free hair, use Free Your Mane Daily Detangling Conditioner every day. If your locks are coarse, dry or chemically treated, use the Intensive Hydrating Hair Masque at least once a week.

Avoid using heat to style your hair. If you must use a hair dryer or a heated styling tool, first apply a heat-protecting serum, like the Baobab Brilliant Restorative Hair Oil, onto your locks.

Create natural-looking waves by leaving big braids in your hair overnight. Dampen your hair, apply Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade, and commence braiding. Alternatively, if you have time on your hands, pin large curlers into damp hair and let them air dry. Then use the Free Your Mane Reviving Spray to tame frizzy locks that go rogue.

When it comes to hair care, you always reap what you sow. The best way to create the natural look is to treat your mane lovingly.

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