How to Prep, Apply and Maintain a High Pigment Lip

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Everyone is getting in the swing of spring and summer with pretty pastels and bright pops of color. One of the best ways to display your bright side is with an eye-catching lipstick, packed full of pigment. It will brighten up your face is ways you wouldn't imagine, and give off a fun and flirty vibe. Here are some tips to make sure your bold lip looks its best!

Prep – A smooth application and longevity of your lipstick is dependent on the condition of your lips. Make sure to exfoliate any dry skin from the lips before you add any lip color so the color doesn’t look uneven or dry. We recommend the Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Brown Sugar.

Prime – A good primer will fill lip lines and give a plumper appearance to the lips. Make sure to use a lip primer that is translucent so it does not distort the color of your chosen lipstick. We recommend BECCA Cosmetics Lip Priming Perfector.

Line – Lip liner will ensure that your lipstick does not leave your lips! An unlined lip allows color to bleed in to the fine lines around the lips which creates an overall fuzzy look, and you don’t want that. Definition is the key to a beautiful deep lip. Follow your lips natural lip line and start light to lock in your shape.  We recommend Lipstick Queen Lip Liner in Red.

Apply – Now that you have your lips lined it will be easy to apply and stay within your frame. Start with the top lip from one arch to the corner of your mouth, and repeat on the other side. At this point lips can be patted together to transfer color to your bottom lip. Fill any missing areas of your bottom lip but no more patting as you do not want to obscure the natural bow of your upper lip with excess color. For a bright spring color we chose Ellis Faas Hot Lips in 405.

Powder – To give your lip color extra staying power a layer of loose powder can be applied in between two coats of lip stick. You don’t need much, just gently powder the lips being careful not to remove the lip color or smudge the lip line. We recommend Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder.

Apply /blot – Apply a second layer over your freshly powdered lips following the application steps and blot appropriately. Make sure to get to any lipstick that may have made it on the inner side of your lip so that it doesn’t transfer to your teeth.  

While this method will give you long lasting lip love it is still a good idea to bring your lipstick and a small mirror with you for any touch ups should you give too many smooches. ;)

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