Introducing Butter LONDON Nail Skins!

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I seem to be talking a lot along the lines of nail polish, but what can I say, it's one of the latest obsessions around the office as of late. Remember how I mentioned my frustration with painting? Well, thanks to the great invention of nail skins those worries are in the past. Butter LONDON has come out with a small assortment of fashionable nail skins to take your nail flare to a whole other level.

Nail Skin: Leopard        Nail Skin: Black Bird       Nail Skin: Give & Take

All you need to do is place the chosen sticker on your nail and then using a nail clipper, cut away the excess material. You have the options of smoothing the edges down with a nail file and're styling. The great thing about Butter London nail skins is that you can have nail art that otherwise would have to be created by a professional using an airbrush. We happen to dig the leopard nail skin around the office!

Nail Skin: Leopard

Nail Skin: Leopard

Nail Skin: Give and Take

Nail Skin: Give & Take

Nail Skin:Black Bird

Nail Skin: Black Bird

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