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Diana B - New Pricing!

Posted on 01/26/2010

Exciting news from Diana B!  New lower prices on all their Bath, Body & Candles!  Scrubs were $55, now $45.  Body Washes & Lotions were $30, now $20.  Candles were $36, now $30.  If you haven't had the chance to induldge in Diana B now is the time to relax in their luxury bath/body.  The scents are absolutley intoxciating and the formulas are utterly luxurious.  Natural ingredients include sugar cane, seaweed and maple syrup.  Maple is known for its healing properties!  It's a miracle cure for all types of skin imperfections, including sun damage and pigmentation, acne scaring and topical infections. The lovely scent of lychee nut fruit and white flowers infuses this maple syrup based formula. Dazzling results every time, oil and chemical free.  Choose from Maple Brown Sugar, Fig, Chocolate, Peach Frangiapani and Green Tea Desert! 

We're also giving away free samples of this intoxcating bath and body products with your current b-glowing purchases.  Just ask for a sample with your next purchase! 



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