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Laurence Dumont Perfumes

Posted on 02/10/2010

Who doesn't love Vanilla perfumes?  We know we love them...and so do our men!  We're super excited to introduce to you some of the best Vanilla Perfumes you'll get your hands on, imported from France.  Les Senteurs Gourmandes by Laurence Dumont offers 10 variations in Vanilla in extraordinary blends!  These are eau de parfum, imported from Paris and only $50 each for large 3.38 oz bottles!  Whether you're a chocolate fan, lilac fan, patchouli fan or monoi'll find the scent that suits your personality.  You'll find beautiful complexity in these gorgeous scents created in the heart of Southwestern France.  My personal favorite is Laurence Dumont 's Tendre Madeleine.  A soft, delicious sugary vanilla cookie:) 

Get your order in now!  Pre-orders are being accepted and shipping begins around 2/25.





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