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Jessie Steele

Posted on 05/24/2010

Did you check out our new Lifestyle Department?  We’re super excited to be able to share some unique finds with you that don’t necessarily fit nicely into just “beauty”.  For example, we were out to dinner at Metro Vino in Portland a few months ago.  We’re regulars there.  Todd Steele the owner was talking about his sister Claire and her wonderful Aprons that she designs.  He showed me a brochure and I was sold.  We know Jessie Steele aprons would fit into the b-glowing brand portfolio perfectly.  Unique, fun, flirty and sexy…all adjectives that describe the b-glowing brand.

Check out these super fun vintage inspired aprons.  Also, when you check out the new Sex And The City Movie, but sure to look for Charlotte and her daughter wearing matching Jessie Steele Cupcake Aprons while making cupcakes in the kitchen.  Totally adorable! 

These affordable aprons are fun to wear for a dinner party, for a romantic dinner at home or to enjoy cooking at home alone with a glass of wine.  Who said you have to have company to enjoy good taste and style!

Have fun.  We are really having fun with this new Jessie Steele line.



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