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Juliette Has A Gun

Posted on 06/07/2010

The Juliette Has a Gun line of fragrance creates perfumes made out of rose. Fragile but thorny, the romantic flower comes in different versions. Its ambition? To lead a new rock & elegant trend in the perfumery world, by  creating romantic and original creations. And while I'd agree the line does succeed in creating romantic fragrances, they fall a bit short in the original category - more on that in a bit.
Offbeat dandy of the perfume world (he's known to wear fedoras), Romano Ricci has quite a background. A great grandmother in haute couture, a grandfather perfumer, he is definitely into creation. After years of quiet training with some of the greatest, he convinced Francis Kurkdjian (the nose behind Indult fragrances), the untouchable master of perfumery, to work with him, and launched Juliette Has a Gun.

For purposes of this review, I'm concentrating on Lady Vengeance. 'Tis an elegant fragrance with a bit of mysterious rose, sultry vanilla and seductive patchouli, which offers a bit of edge, a bit of earthy-woodiness to it, though not overpowering. It's a sweet fragrance, though not too, and I think may best be worn in fall or autumn when the coolness of the air may summon the warmth of the fragrance. I'd also wear this to bed at night as sultry, sexy dreams are sure to abound with the lovely blending of Bulgarian Rose, vanilla and patchouli Lady Vengeance exudes.  
The packaging with its black opaque bottle, yet feminine style works to support the theme of Juliette Has a Gun - Shakesperian heroine goes wild - and assists in focusing on the trendiness of the line as well. Edgy yet girly, sexy yet subtle, it works. The fragrance also comes in refillable purse bullets; again, the rocker chic vibe is hard to miss.
Lady Vengeance is one of those fragrances that changes over time. Spray it on your wrist and enjoy the headiness of the aroma, then sniff again after an hour and indulge in another variety, another dimension of the notes.
The rose is by far the focal point of the fragrance. Having said that, there are a number of other fragrances on the market with a very similar scent. I've heard it be compared to Agent Provocateur (though not as complex), Midnight Poison (though fresher, lighter), L'Artisan Voleur de Rose (though not as gutsy and a bit sweeter). So although this isn't the most original rose fragrance available, it is quite delicious and definitely worth grabbing whether you're wanting to indulge your own olfactory sense, or drive another to want to eat you up!
Lady Vengeance is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles retailing for $85/$110 respectively.  The purse bullet set with refillable vibes retails at $75. You'll find Lady Vengeance, along with other Juliette Has a Gun fragrances, at the beautifully modern, always illuminating, niche beauty boutique Enjoy! xo

Roxy H.

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Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengeance

Posted on 12/21/2011

For those of you who haven't heard of this brand, Juliette Has a Gun is an independednt perfume brand out of France that brings rock 'n roll and the art of seduction into a series of cult crazy fragrances. What makes this brand so special is that it can be quite hard to find as it's only sold is specialty concept stores and specialized perfumeries. So, we are very pleased to have this line of intoxicating scents available to US customers. All of them are based on the rose. Fragile but thorny, the rose can be equally beautiful and equally dangerous.

What really draws people's attention is definitely the brand name...the whole "gun" thing. No, she's not out to put a bullet into you but she is out to seduce and draw you in which the gun is the perfect metaphor for a perfume as THE weapon of seduction. One of the most popular scents is Juliette Has A Gun's Lady Vengeance which carries with it the nuance of undeniable femininity, confidence and divine sensuality. The very elegant but thorny Bulgarian rose marries patchouli and vanilla to draw this fine elegance, both contemporary and inevitable. Another is Vengeance Extreme, a chypre fragrance which draws its intensity from an unusual dosage of Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose, and Vanilla. A trail suggesting an evident sensuality, with a zest of provocation. Not to be left in innocent hands...

Lady Vengeance Eau de Parfum - 100ml         Vengeance Extreme 100ml

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Walk Down The Aisle Wearing Juliette Has A Gun's Romantina!

Posted on 07/09/2012

Shop the full Juliette Has A Gun perfume collection here!

If you're having a summer wedding then your favorite winter fragrance just won't do on one of the most memorable days of your life. Some women like to find a scent just for their big day that captures their romantic spirit. With summer comes a re-introduction of light and fruity florals or marine sea inspired perfumes so try and find notes of rose, lily, jasmine, etc. One of my absolute favorites as well as the Martha Stewart wedding's team is Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun. This dramatic floral scent contains a symphony of jasmine, rose and orange blossom while patchouli and chypre brings out the edginess that will cause heads to turn and request your wedding day fragrance secret.


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Juliette Has A Gun's Mad Madame Fragrance!

Posted on 12/13/2012

Shop Juliette Has A Gun here! There were quite a few oooh's and ahhh's when Juliette Has A Gun's new fragrance Mad Madame arrived in the office. It was love at first sight  as soon as we saw the dramatic red and black bottle and the scent is to die for. I would describe it as a very sultry and explosive scent with notes of metallic Roxe Oxyde, Blackcurrant bud Absolute, and woody Ambroxan.  Perfect for this time of year or when you want to make a dramatic statement.

Mad Madame 50 mL

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Hot Off the Press: Oscar Blandi, Juliette Has a Gun, Talika

Posted on 08/21/2013

Shop here.

What's hot, hot, hot in the beauty world this month? Find out in this week's 'Hot Off the Press' post!

Harper's Bazaar cataloged expert tips & tricks to achieving gorgeous thick, shiny hair in their 'Get Great Hair' article.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Teasing Dust: Recommended to 'maximize lift and bounce', this instant root boost gives you voluminous texture with a matte finish you'll love. This innovative powder contains micro fibers that attach to your hair, giving each strand dramatic texture, allowing you to build the volume you desire. Perfect for teasing and updos.

Marie Claire was inspired by the biker-chic trend that running wild for Fall 2013 in 'Full Throttle'.

Juliette Has a Gun Mad Madame: If biker-chic had a scent, this would be it! Infused with metallic rose oxyde, blackcurrent bud absolute, and ambroxan, this explosive fragrance is a staff favorite and truly unique.  

Vogue magazine reported on how to optimize your skincare creams and treatments in 'Superskin'.

Talika Cream Booster: Get the most out of your serums, creams, and treatments with this innovative skincare tool. Using gentle vibrations, ion therapy, and phototherapy, this device works to optimize the contact between your skin cells and your topical product of choice.

All of these trending products and more can be found at

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Top Picks: Fragrances to 'Fall' For

Posted on 09/19/2013

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The leaves are slowly changing and as they fall, it's a great time to explore new fashion, beauty, and especially fragrances.

In this week's 'Top Picks', our staff is raving about some of their favorite scents for the new season.

Juliette Has a Gun Miss Charming: Elegant and sensual Moroccan Rose combines with wild fruit and musk to create this bold and deep fragrance that reminds us of a shot of whisky and a velvet blazer all at once. “Miss Charming is a great name for this perfume, because that is exactly what it is. A beautiful rose fragrance with depth and femininity. Even if you aren’t a traditional fan of rose, it will charm your socks off!”

Sarah Horowitz Perfect Coconut Milk: This eau de parfum is easy to wear, and guaranteed to please the nose of everyone around you. Light enough for any occasion, the fusion of coconut, almond, and a hint of orange blossom is absolutely lovely and an all-around staff favorite. "This is a year-round scent, but it's expecially great for fall because the vanilla and coconut are so warm together. It just reminds you of curling up with a good book and a soft blanket."

Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy No. 6: Picking just one scent from this line was difficult, but we decided on this white orchid, vanilla, and exotic woods-infused offering. Don't let the scull and crossbones scare you, while this scent has a deep rich tone, it's still light enough for almost anyone to wear daily. “There is absolutely something sexy about this perfume, but it also very wearable and professional. The woodsy and ebony scents give an air of maturity while the vanilla warms it up to leave you feeling super confident.”

Aromachology Sophisticated and Sensual: Who says pink isn't for fall? This fresh and playful floral scent is a nice option for anyone looking to take a little summer with them this season. Grapefruit and white lily play nice together, while sandalwood adds the warmth we look for in autumn fragrances. “This is a scent for every day. It is light, pleasant and even a little playful. The white flower and citrus combination can be worn by anyone.”

Ready to find your fall signature scent? Browse all of our Fragrance options here.

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