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Posted on 07/19/2011

Ok ladies, let's be honest. It's no picnic every 6-8 weeks when the time comes to go and get your Brazilian. Even though I've been doing it for years and my tolerance seems to be better since my hair grows back thinner now, I still absolutely dread when my reminder pops up on my phone. I think, "Ohhh, maybe I can go one more week….." It's like a party invitation that you really can't be bothered attending, but you know you have to. It really is a jungle out there, pun intended.


If you haven't ventured into laser hair removal yet then I happen to know of a product that will make your waxing appointments a heck of a lot more bearable. I'm talking about a miracle product for those like me, who weep at the sight of that popsicle stick dipping into the wax pot.

BareEase & Cream Kit

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