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Massage Wrinkles Away

Posted on 01/22/2010


I recently went for a facial and the aesthetician told me about the importance of daily facial massage to get rid of wrinkles.  It's a super simple at-home treatment we can do day and night.  It only takes about 60 seconds, but really makes a difference.  Deep massage directly into wrinkles helps relax those muscles.  Whatever cream, oil or serum you choose to use after gently massaging into your skin...take a little more care around your wrinkles by deeply massaging them apart.  Use the tips of your fingers on your forehead to massage apart those deep lines...

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Posted on 03/03/2010

Looking for the facial device that does it all?  Targeting Acne, Redness & Wrinkles?  ANSR is our answer at b-glowing!  We love this tiny lightweight device.  The results are dramatic.  Use it for ten minutes while in bed at night watching TV or reading a book. That is when I do my ANSR ritual.  It's super relaxing and seriously improves my skin. The Blue light is anti-bacterial and clears up acne.  It'll also help prevent pimples from coming back.  The red light smooths & firms the skin while filling lines and wrinkles.  The bonus is that you don't need to have it plugged in while operating it.  Ideal for travel too.

Check out these serious results.  These are life changing results!  Feel good about our face gives us the confidence to smile in the world and open ourselves up to people.  It's priceless!

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adara Gift!

Posted on 03/12/2010

Buy 2 Large adara oil & get a 3rd as your gift! $30 retail value!  No code is needed.  Just simply tell us what scent you would like in the comments section during check out.  We are obsessed with the multiple powers of adara.  I use it nightly on my face....a little goes a long way!  It soaks up the redness in my face, shrinks pores, makes my face less shiny during the next day, softens fine lines and helps heal pimples! Honestly -- what more could you ask for from a product.  The bonus is that it is natural, organic, fair trade, PEG free, Paraben free and more!  I'll be addicted to the healing powers of this product for the rest of my life. 

Are you afraid to put oil on your face?  Don't be!!!  European women have known the power of face oils for centuries.  I literally slather this oil on my face, neck and chest at night.  The gorgeous aromas lull me to sleep!  I have very oil skin.  Normally around 10:00 in the morning I have a shiny face. When I use adara the night before my face stays matte all day long.  Why?  Because my skin is getting the natural hydration it needs so my body doesn't over-produce oil during the next day. 

Also, the natural anti-bacterial powers of coconut oil help heal and prevent pimples.  The natural anti-inflammatory powers help get rid of redness...and of course the hydrating powers help firm skin!  It's a work-horse! 

Added benefits are that you can use it for conditioning hair treatments, to tame fly aways, as a massage oil, as a bath oil and of course a body oil.

Remember that untainted coconut oil will solidify in colder temperatures.  Simply run under hot tap water to liquify.  adara likes warmth like we do!



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Clarisonic Tangerine Mia!

Posted on 06/24/2011

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If tangerine is your favorite color and you’re after a beauty tool that will give you the deepest cleanse, professional exfoliation and all over skin refinement that you’ve been dreaming of then let me introduce you to the limited edition Clarisonic Mia in Tangerine! 


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Clarisonic Tangerine Mia - Limited Edition

Cleansing and exfoliation should be a daily task and once you start using your Mia, I guarantee your skin will thank you for it.  By using it daily you’ll remove more dirt and oil than traditional washing and it’s sonic micro-massage action will clarify and revitalize your skin without the redness and irritation of treatments such as microdermabrasion.

Plus, not breaking up your cleansing routine is made easy by the Mia’s size, perfect to fit in the small pocket of any travel luggage. I give you permission to break your diet whilst on vacation, but please, please, please cleanse your face!


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