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Massage Wrinkles Away

Posted on 01/22/2010


I recently went for a facial and the aesthetician told me about the importance of daily facial massage to get rid of wrinkles.  It's a super simple at-home treatment we can do day and night.  It only takes about 60 seconds, but really makes a difference.  Deep massage directly into wrinkles helps relax those muscles.  Whatever cream, oil or serum you choose to use after gently massaging into your skin...take a little more care around your wrinkles by deeply massaging them apart.  Use the tips of your fingers on your forehead to massage apart those deep lines...

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Posted on 03/03/2010

Looking for the facial device that does it all?  Targeting Acne, Redness & Wrinkles?  ANSR is our answer at b-glowing!  We love this tiny lightweight device.  The results are dramatic.  Use it for ten minutes while in bed at night watching TV or reading a book. That is when I do my ANSR ritual.  It's super relaxing and seriously improves my skin. The Blue light is anti-bacterial and clears up acne.  It'll also help prevent pimples from coming back.  The red light smooths & firms the skin while filling lines and wrinkles.  The bonus is that you don't need to have it plugged in while operating it.  Ideal for travel too.

Check out these serious results.  These are life changing results!  Feel good about our face gives us the confidence to smile in the world and open ourselves up to people.  It's priceless!

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