Hot New Products Perfect for the Summer Sun

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Klorane Chamomile ShampooShop the entire Klorane collection here.

You don’t need to sunbathe on the beach to look hot this summer. With the latest products in your summer beauty arsenal, you’ll want the warm weather to last all year.

Hot Products for Summer 2012

Klorane Chamomile Shampoo: Make your golden locks looks bolder and brighter with KLORANE’s chamomile-infused shampoo, which will leave your tresses glossy and radiant. Not a blond? No worries! KLORANE has products for any hair color and type.

Eve Lom Moisturizer + SPF 15: Even if you plan to spend a sunny day indoors, SPF is always a must. This moisturizer by Eve Lom works well on any skin type, as it tones the skin and gives it a matte look. The Eve Lom Moisturizer + SPF 15 is the perfect addition to your year-round beauty routine. For extra protection, pair the moisturizer with makeup that has an SPF of 15 or higher.

Supergoop! Travel Tote: The City & Sand Sunscreen Travel Tote gives you the top sun protection essentials from Supergoop! This kit includes an SPF 30+ travel sunscreen, SPF 30+ mint lip balm, SPF 30+ broad-spectrum face and body lotion and an SPF 40+ day cream infused with antioxidants. Slather Supergoop! on your face and body before you go outside to keep your skin looking young and reduce the chances of developing skin cancer. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours if you’re playing outside, because sun-damaged skin isn’t hot.

Nail Enamel Summer 2012: In an ode to William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Paul & Joe Beaute created Pixie (030). This glittery silver color will add an instant touch of enchantment to your summer nights.

Volumizing Gloss: By Terry has created Gloss Terrybly Shine, a miracle in a tube for your lips. In addition to making your pout look pretty in shades of pink that are perfect for any skin tone, the gloss helps reduce the look of fine lines around your mouth and plumps up your lips. Whoever said flattery doesn’t come in a bottle (or bottle of lip gloss) was terribly wrong.

As you flaunt your fashion-forward look this summer, pair your outfits with this season’s floppy hats or a quaint parasol (a small umbrella works, too). Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is the best way to keep looking young, healthy and H-O-T.

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