Kur by Londontown Nail Treatment System

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Even if you're not a tree hugger, swear by patchouli, or love bamboo made clothing doesn't mean you can't relate to the constant nuisance of dry and brittle nails. This ailment is very common for those throughout the winter season but for some it's a 365 day problem. Luckily for us, Kur by Londontown is our latest nail maintenance arrival that also happens to be made from clean and earth living ingredients that will heal your nails naturally. Choose from a nail hardener, cuticle oil,  nail cream or the five piece Londowntown Nail Treatment System as seen on bellasugar.com! It includes every item in the range such as the lacquer remover, cuticle oil, nail hardener, nail cream and top coat to completely nourish dry, brittle nails. All products in the system work in harmony to repair weak nails with natural extracts, vitamins and minerals.



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