5 Places a Les Tai Tai Compact Comes in Handy

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Les Tai Tai Compact MirrorIf we had to pick just one beauty tool to bring in our purse on a deserted island, we’d choose the Model Mirror by Les Tai Tai. As one of the biggest cosmetic sensations to emerge from the UK, the Les Tai Tai compact is the ultimate beauty accessory because of its ingenious LED lights, which are embedded into the mirror. With the push of a button, barely-see-yourself lighting is no longer an issue. Now, no matter where the night takes you, you can ensure your look remains flawless with the Les Tai Tai Model Mirror.

Not convinced? Here are five situations in which you’ll be grateful for your Les Tai Tai compact:

1. Romantic restaurants. While the dim, romantic lighting in restaurants provides invaluable ambience, it’s not ideal for inspecting your makeup in an ordinary mirror. If you’re like many women and like to perform a quick face check while your date slips away to the restroom, the Les Tai Tai lighted mirror will compensate for the candlelight’s inadequacy.

2. Dimly lit restrooms. Some restaurants extend the mood lighting all the way into the restroom. The next time the ladies’ powder room doesn’t have ideal lighting, pull out your Model Mirror and take matters into your own hands.

3. The back of a cab or car. Turning on an overhead light in a dark car can make it difficult for the driver to see the road well. Help everyone stay safe by using your lighted compact instead.

4. Outdoors. The next time you are on a weekend hike with your man or friends, pack along your Les Tai Tai compact. Public restrooms along the trail can be hit or miss when it comes to mirrors (and good lighting). Plus, if it’s dark and you need assistance, you can use your compact and its lights to signal for help.

5. The front porch. If you forgot to check your makeup before walking out the door, save yourself the trouble of having to go back inside by using your handy compact. Then, if you find that you forgot to turn on your porch light when you get home, use the compact to help you find your keys and get through the door without tripping over your cat.

The Model Mirror by Les Tai Tai is practical for almost any situation or beauty emergency. Once you own one, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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