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During a time while the beauty industry is looked at more heavily under a microscope; it’s become important for companies to be transparent about their ingredients and values.  Just because you cut out the chemicals, doesn’t mean your beauty route has to suffer. As requested, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our top selling vegan products.

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Skin Care 

Kahina Giving Beatuy

Known for its high concentration of nutrients, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants, cold-pressed argan oil is the founding ingredient in all of Kahina’s products. Sourced directly from Morocco, Kahina uses only the highest quality of argan oil – personally chosen and regulated by the CEO of the company. Aside from their Facial Lotion which contains organic beeswax, Kahina does not use any animal byproducts or test on animals.

b-glowing pick: Kahina Night Cream – Two of nature’s most potent anti-aging ingredients, argan oil and red wine grapes, combine in this rich, restorative moisturizer.

Hair Care

Jonathon Product 

Everything your hair needs and nothing it doesn’t. Using only the highest-quality ingredients, free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil, Jonathon Product brings a sense of easy luxury.

b-glowing pick: Awake Color Root Touch Up – works wonderfully to mask roots between trips to the salon and also serves as a dry shampoo




100% Pure

The name says it all. Made using only all-natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, 100% Pure is toxic free. It puts the natural back in natural beauty. Fruit-dyed Makeup that is still totally luminous with buildable coverage and in flavors that can be found at any farmers market.  100% pure is for the hungry purist.

b-glowing pick: Fruit Pigmented Mascara – Comes in three natural shades and is super mositurizing to the lashes. No irritation what so ever, great for those with contacts. 



With a firm belief that “healthy is beautiful”, Lavanila products are free from harsh chemicals, and rich in natural and organic ingredients, as well as minerals and amino acids. You will quickly fall in love with this uniquely-scented line, featuring refreshingly fun fragrance combinations.

b-glowing pick: The Healthy Roller Ball Fragrance Vanilla Grapefruit  – Roll this tropical scent on your pulse points for just the right amount of fragance.


Schmidt’s Deodorant 

Did you know the hop plant is effective at killing bacteria, the leading cause of underarm odor? Schmidt’s Deodorant incorporates extract from non-GMO hops grown & harvested in the Pacific Northwest into their formulas. The smell of the hops is undetectable in the deodorant because of the product’s odor-fighting power.

b-glowing pick: Lavender Sage Deoderant  – We’re convinced this is the best combination of scents for your underarm. Soft, natural and totally  wearable.


For a more complete list of our vegan brands and products, Search ‘Vegan’ in our search bar.

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