Mardi Gras Nail Ideas

Deborah Lippman Bad RomanceWhether you’re the flashy type or not, you can’t go wrong with rocking a Mardi Gars manicure this time of year. Skip the salon and style your nails at home using the following techniques, along with the butter LONDON and Deborah Lippman versions of the classic Mardi Gras colors – purple, green, black and gold.

Dotted Nails. Whip out your dot-making manicure tool (a toothpick also works) to make a fun Mardi Gars-inspired dotted design on your nails. For example, paint your nails all black. When the polish dries, top it with a vertical row of dots using a different colors of lacquer on each finger. For the most pizzazz, use butter LONDON’s “British Racing Green,” Deborah Lippman’s “Boom Boom Pow” gold glitter polish and Deborah Lippman’s “Purple Rain” for the dots.

Art Deco Stripes. Using black nails as your base, use a thin manicure brush to paint one or two off-centered vertical lines down your nails. For a color-packed look, paint a purple stripe with “HRH” nail lacquer by butter LONDON and another in the green “Don’t Tell Mama” polish by Deborah Lippman. Then center two gold dots (we love “Nefertiti” by Deborah Lippman) on one of the lines.

Crackle Polish. Use the butter LONDON “British Racing Green,” the golden “Wallis” nail lacquer and Deborah Lippman’s “Wicked Game” purple polish to paint each of your nails a different color. After the polish dries, top each nail with a black crackle polish for a wicked, animal-print look.butter LONDON, Deborah Lippman

Accent Nails. For a simple Mardi Gras manicure, paint eight of your nails (four on each hand) the same color. Try the purple “Marrow” lacquer by butter LONDON. Then paint the bare nail on each hand an accent color. Deborah Lipmann’s glittery “Boom Boom Pow” is awesome for a party look. Use the green “Don’t Tell Mama” polish if you want a more conservative Fat Tuesday Look.