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Let’s be honest here, we spend a good portion of our week at work, and we certainly don’t want our beauty routine to suffer because of it. Here are our desk drawer must haves to get you through any in office beauty crisis. 


Hair Spray – At this point we have discovered that it is 100 percent necessary to have a can of hair spray in your drawer because you never know when you might need it. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like that one piece of hair that won’t stay out of your face. The travel size Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray won’t take up much room but you’ll be glad you have it. 

Concealer – Maybe you have an unforeseen blemish show up right before a big meeting, or maybe you missed a spot during your makeup routine, either way having a small compact of concealer on hand will keep you looking your best. We like Koh Gen Do’s Moisture Concealer because it has different shades for mixing and the consistency is creamy enough to be applied over makeup for touch ups. Dab and blend little bit of the light shade under the eyes for an afternoon eye brightener. The compact also houses a mirror which scores double points.

Lip Balm – This one is kind of a no brainer as we can all attest to the necessity of a good lip balm and keeping one in your desk will make sure you are never stuck at the office without it. Balmy Days by Ilia is organic, super moisturizing and conditions the lips. 

Top Coat - Don’t let a nail chip ruin your day or let alone your manicure, best to always have top coat nearby to seal in any peeling polish before it gets out of hand. You will want fast trying, long lasting and full of shine so we recommend Top Gloss Top Coat from JinSoon. Vegan and 5-free? Perfect for healthy nails and just featured on Refinery29 as the best topcoat around. 

Concentration – Having a mental block? Take a moment with Lather’s Clear Head Balancing Balm to get your thoughts back in sync. Calming essentials oils help to relieve pressure and tension while also putting the mind at ease. Apply to temples or the back of the neck and take a few deep breathes. Relaxed and focused now? We thought so. 

Some other honorable mentions - Bobby pins(obviously), mints, a photo of Joeseph Gordon Levit, etc.

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