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We’re always thrilled to covet butter LONDON’s newest collection, and the newest—Lolly Brights—is bold and playful! The lacquers, Lippy’s, WINK eye pencils, CHEEKY cream blush, and WINK mascaras are tinted for more than a pop of color, but rather for a burst of color.

You can mix and match shades, or go full-on colorful, for a dynamic look that’s sure to turn heads. The brand’s obsession with color and passion for creativity is never in short supply, and we were feeling truly inspired when we put our own Lolly Brights look together.


For the manicure, we used Lolly and Airy Fairy, opting for a stripe accent to add some serious shine. For the blue, bright-eyed look, we lined eyes with Alabaster Gaze and Holland Park, but really let the lashes steal the show with the Chav mascara, which is also available in Cheerio, as cheerfully yellow as the name suggests.

We also love the stunning Lady Bird lacquer, a truly bold and vibrant shade. It's great for a night out, whether on the town with your friends, or while celebrating a special occasion with someone special. You'll feel the perfect combination of daring and confident while rocking this shade. 

New in LIPPY's is Chuffed, a playful, sheer orange, which enhances natural lip color with something a little extra. Stroppy, a sheer lavendar, is a beautiful spring addition, and Twee is a virbrant magenta. CHEEKY welcomes Piccadilly Circus, a deep-hued pink/red that can be spread on lightly for a subtle blush, or blended more deeply for a fierce statement.

With all the fun new additions of the Lolly Bright collection, we’re so ready for spring!

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