How to Achieve Perfectly Straightened Hair

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Oscar Blandi Hair ProductsStraight, smooth hair is one of the most popular hair styles among celebrities and laywomen alike. Yet it’s not always easy to transform frizzy, curly locks into arrow-straight tresses. Below, we’ve gathered techniques for achieving the perfectly straight, healthy hair you desire.

Natural Straightening Treatments

Long before Oscar Blandi and Frederic Fekkai started selling their fabulous straightening products, many women yearned for smooth, straight hair. Today, you can still use natural techniques to achieve straight hair.

Nourishing milk straightening treatment. Milk helps straighten hair and combat frizz. Begin with a shampoo; leave hair slightly damp. Comb 1/3 cup milk through damp tresses. Once the milk has coated every hair shaft, massage the scalp for a few minutes. Next, let the milk soak in for about twenty minutes. Finally, shampoo, condition and style as you wish. If your hair is color damaged, use a restorative conditioner such as Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Crème by Philip B.

The milk bath method works best for those with a slight wave. However, women with curly hair can still benefit from milk treatments, since milk provides hydration and definition for curls. Or you could take the modern shortcut and use Frederic Fekkai’s Ironless Silky Straight shampoo and conditioner. This will achieve even better results with far less work.

Milk, honey and strawberry bath. Honey helps protect hair, while strawberries add a lovely fragrance. Mix together a cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey. Add a few mashed up strawberries. Apply to wet hair and let sit for a couple of hours. Shampoo and style as you wish.

Cream of coconut milk and lemon juice. Because coconut milk is rich in vitamins A and E, it minimizes breakage, protects against sun damage, adds shine and softness, and reduces frizz. Lemon juice is clarifying. To create a coconut milk and lemon juice cream, add lemon juice to a glass of coconut milk. Store in the refrigerator until the mixture becomes a creamy paste. Apply to hair, making sure to saturate both the roots and the tips. Once the cream is fully distributed throughout your hair, wrap a hot towel around your head. Rinse and shampoo after a couple of minutes.

Styling Tips for Straightening Hair

Blow dry hair straight. Wash and condition hair. Apply a protective serum such as Frederic Fekkai’s Ironless Silky Straight Serum, focusing more on the tips than the roots. Clip your hair into sections, working from the front, top layers toward the back, bottom layers. Use a natural bristle round brush, such as those offered by Philip B., to hold each section. Be sure to use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer for smoothness. Point the dryer down the shaft – otherwise you’ll only be inviting in frizz. Don’t leave a section until it is completely dry.

Not all blow dryers are created equal. The Featherweight dryer from T3 dries hair up to 60 percent faster while imparting shine, manageability and body through infrared heat.

How to properly use a straightening iron. For some women, blow drying isn’t enough to totally straighten hair. If you fit into this category, you’ll need to apply a straightening iron, as well. Clip your hair into one-inch sections. Beginning with the back, bottom sections, slowly glide the straightening iron down each chunk of hair. Avoid going over the same section of hair more than once.

Again, your hair styling tools matter. The SinglePass 1-inch Straightening Iron from T3 is a good option because it creates negative ions to seal moisture into every hair cuticle. If you just don’t have the time to blow dry and iron your hair, use T3’s ManeTamer instead. It may be applied to damp hair because it uses gentle steam technology for ultimate straightening.

Protect your hair from heat. Without protection, heat can make hair brittle, dull and difficult to manage. Fortunately, the world’s leading stylists have developed products to protect hair from heat damage. For instance, Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Heat Protect Spray protects hair from 450-degree heat. It also contains keratin proteins to nourish and protect your locks. Simply spray this Oscar Blandi product onto each section of hair before using any heated tool to enjoy vibrantly healthy tresses.

Finally, if you plan to blow dry and iron your hair regularly, a weekly oil treatment is in order. Philip B.’s Rejuvenating Oil is an excellent choice, as it contains essential oils that replicate the scalp’s natural oils.

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