Paint inside the lines with LAQA & Co!

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I don't know about you but I have a very difficult time painting my nails, in particularly my achilles heel, the right hand. My left hand, no problem, and looks like a professional manicurist did it. However, once we get to the point of painting my right hand, all of a sudden I get the shakes and it's all over from there. Needless to say I appreciate the little things, like the shape, width size and volume of a nail brush as this helps me keep the polish only going slightly onto the skin and not my entire finger.

A lot of brands seem to have been taking customer's frustrations into consideration such as LAQA and Co. This brand which we've just begun carrying makes the stress of painting your nails a passing thought because it comes as a pen applicator! Flashback: Remember how easy it was in young adolescence to paint your nails with a permanent marker rather than nail polish? A pointy pen makes it so easy to "stay within the lines" so to speak.

LAQA & Co is a range of high gloss nail polish that allows you to quickly and neatly do your nails anywhere with just a few clicks! And let me tell you, they certainly have not sacrificed function over color quality. Choose from 13 different shades, gift sets and more with this artsy brand. Did I mention how adorable the packaging is? When you make a purchase of LAQA and Co, you also in a sense receive your own personal work of art (the box) as the brand uses unique artwork from young designers who are looking to get their voice out there. They even get a little profit everytime you buy, giving back to the struggling artist:)

Have I got you a little excited at the notion of smudge free nail application? If not, just take a little gander below at these wonderful color choices:

Toff Nail Polish Pen: Blue is all the rage going into winter. In fact, they say blue is the new black!

Toff Nail Polish Pen

Fancypants Nail Polish Pen: Not quite grey & not quite beige.....greige! If you like moody looking nails like I do, then you'll love Fancypants.

Fancypants Nail Polish Pen

Tigerblood Nail Polish Pen: Looks slightly pink in the swatch but this is the most orangey of coral shades. Plus, everytime I wear it, it will remind me of Charlie Sheen and his tigerblood.

Tigerblood Nail Polish Pen

WTF Nail Polish Pen: A great, soft french pink shade for those hopeless romantics out there.

WTF Nail Polish Pen

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