Paul & Joe Beaute's Brightening Lotion

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If your skin is looking sallow, sun spots are showing on your cheeks and the texture feels uneven then your complexion is in desperate need of some revitalization. Especially since we're heading into the warmer months it's best to try and target these signs before another season comes around and makes them more apparent. Paul & Joe Beaute's new Brightening Lotion is formulated with Arnica extract and Vitamin C to promote circulation and brighten and clarify skin tone and texture. Powerful antioxidants fight off free radicals and Saxifrage extract penetrates the skin's surface for intense hydration and and moisturization from the inside out. If you're after a flawless complexion then Paul & Joe's Brightening Lotion will certainly help pave the way. Like everything, we're our own worst enemies when it comes to our skin so be sure to team this product up with a good SPF and lots of water!

Brightening Lotion

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Don't underestimate how important your eyebrows are to the harmony of your facial features. The shape, density and color can really contribute to creating a more youthful and beautiful you, yet it's still an area we tend to neglect. Now more than ever full yet manicured brows are seen all across the fashion pages. If your brows simply have ceased to grow and you find you tiny patches of missing hair then you would really benefit from a brow powder or pencil. The secret is matching the right color and slowly building out until you've achieved the desired definition. Personally, my Jemma Kidd Brow Perfector Shape and Lift Duo has become just as important a part of my morning makeup routine as my bronzer.

This fabulous 2-in-1 product allows you to shape, define and lift the brows for an instant face lift effect. I knew that would get you. Choose from brunette or blonde pencils that on one side have a buildable color crayon with wax that keeps the color looking rich all day. The other side is a highlighter crayon which you can run along the curve of the brow line that helps to create and enhance the arch. When eyebrows appear to be pulled taught, a natural face lift effect occurs. If you've been wanting brows like supermodel Miranda Kerr's then you can fake it with the rest of them, like me, by using a product like Jemma Kidd's Brow Perfector!

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