Ready for Romance: Romantic Makeup Looks for Valentine's Day

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Sara Happ Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Valentine’s Day is one of the perfect times to experiment with a new, romantic look. Getting made up for a hot date isn’t just important because it makes you feel confident and flirty, it also shows your date that this night out is important and that you want him to feel proud of being with you. Keep in mind that the most romantic look for Valentine’s Day is the one that makes you feel comfortable and yourself (because it’s not hot to worry about how you look).

Valentine’s Day Prep

During the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, you need to do some prep work. Just as an artist prepares a canvas before creating a beautiful piece of art, you must prepare yourself. Practice a daily skincare routine so your face is irresistibly soft and clear. Don’t forget about your lips. Achieve the softest lips ever with a Sara Happ lip scrub, which gently exfoliates the flaky, dry skin on your lips so they’re always supple. Use the Sara Happ sugar scrub every night, and follow it up with an ultra-moisturizing lip balm. Your lips will be so kissable that it will be hard for your date to not kiss and tell.

Feminine, Flirty Look

If you’re not ready to totally redo your look, you can still pump up the romance while sticking to sheer, muted colors. After preparing your face with your regular foundation, concealer and powder, lightly contour your cheekbones with a tint blush by Jouer Cosmetics in a color that matches the natural color of your lips or the undertones in your skin. Highlight your eyes with a Crème Eyeshadow from Jouer Cosmetics, which comes in neutral tones. Then use black pencil eyeliner to line only the top eyelids. Smudge the eyeliner a bit, curl your lashes and top them with Lash Mascara from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics. Keep your kisser simple and beautiful with PAUL & JOE Cosmetics’ Lipstick N in your favorite color.

The Vixen

Let your eyes do the talking on Valentine’s Day with a look that makes them pop. First, grab a set of individual false eyelashes and clear eyelash adhesive. Apply the lashes to the outer corners of the top eyelids. Then use Powder Eyeshadow from Jouer Cosmetics to give your eyes a cut-crease look (think, Kim Kardashian). To get this look, apply a light shade all over your eyelids and up to your brow. Then use a thin makeup brush to sweep a dark color over the crease of your lids. The dark color should be thick near the outer corners of your eyes and fade the closer you move in to the inner corners.

Use the same dark color to make a fine line along your upper eyelid. Then use a black eye pencil to create the look of smoky eyes. Curl your lashes and enhance their voluptuousness with the Mascara Primer Duo from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics. Since your eyes are the romantic makeup highlight of the night, keep your lips noticeable but tame with a Moisturizing Lip Gloss from Jouer Cosmetics in a medium-dark berry color, like Sunset or Rose Glisten.

Smoldering Pinup

With this romantic look, you keep the eyes simpler and let your kisser do the flirting. Bold, red lips are a signature pinup look, but you can do a twist on the style with a bold color you love. If your lipstick tends to feather, line your lips with the Lip Pencil Duo from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics, followed by a lipstick in Red Ribbon, Red Velvet or Gotham (a deep berry color). Keep your eye shadow simple by applying a beige color over your entire lid and lightly painting brown shadow along your crease. Then use liquid eyeliner to get the classic pinup cat-eyes. Try PAUL & JOE Cosmetics’ Liquid Eye Liner in True Black. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try the Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner from Jouer Cosmetics in Fox, a navy-charcoal color. Enhance your lashes with the Mascara Primer Duo from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics.

Whether you’re the girl-next-door type or are known for making your own fashion statements, you can’t go wrong by dialing up the romance for Valentine’s Day. If you feel timid about trying out a new look, give it a trial run the night before to see how well it works for you.

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