Body Oil: The One Simplistic Skin Regimen to Keep

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RODIN olio lusso Body OilAlthough applying body oil was known by ancient Romans and Hindis to be an excellent skin care regimen, many modern American women would probably cringe at the idea of adding oil to their skin. After all, each of us has seen dozens of commercials despairing oily, greasy skin. For years, advertisers have tried to convince us that our beauty routines should remove as much oil as possible from the skin, urging us to instead use lotions as moisturizers. However, many dermatologists and beauty experts now believe this approach is somewhat misguided, given the importance of oil in skin health.

What Oil does for Your Skin

Oil is so important for profiting and waterproofing the skin that the body produces its own oil. This oil is secreted by sebaceous glands that cover every inch of the body save the palms and the soles. Some individuals’ oil-producing glands are overactive, so they have oily skin. Others suffer perpetually dry skin because their sebaceous glands are under-active. In both cases, applying an oil such as Rodin olio lusso as a moisturizer actually normalizes the body’s natural production of sebum oil.

Ironically, many contemporary skin care products actually cause irritated, oily skin. By removing the body’s natural oil, they trigger the sebaceous glands to overproduce. These glands go berserk when they detect a complete lack of oil in the skin. Not understanding this, many women simply apply more drying skin products – alarming the sebaceous glands again. And the whole vicious cycle starts over.

In contrast, applying oil is a way to reclaim balance using the body’s own natural techniques. Applying a pure product such as Rodin body oil can help anyone achieve more naturally radiant skin.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Furthermore, oil-based products can deliver potent essential oils that foster luminous skin. Rodin body oil uses an apricot kernel and sweet almond oil base to deliver essential oils including calendula and arnica. Apricot kernel oil is known to penetrate quickly, leaving skin feeling dry and not at all greasy. It is excellent for the skin because it contains a large amount of vitamin E, which helps skin retain its elasticity. Apricot oil also contains vitamin A, which is excellent for mature, sensitive or aging skin. Sweet almond oil is another emollient in Rodin olio lusso; it softens and moisturizes the skin. Both calendula and arnica are known for their soothing, healing qualities.

Jojoba oil is an excellent emollient to look for in top-shelf oil-based skin care products. This oil is rumored to be extremely efficient at regulating sebaceous gland production. Of all naturally occurring oils, this is the closest to the sebum produced by human skin. It’s also noncomedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog pores. In her Rodin olio lusso body oil, Linda Rodin includes jojoba oil as well as jasmine essential oil (for its enchanting fragrance).

One major difference between moisturizers and body oils is that moisturizers often seem to fade as the day wears on. Come mid-afternoon, one’s skin feels as dry as if moisturizer was never applied! Quality oil-based products such as Rodin olio lusso, on the other hand, keep skin moisturized all day long.              

Skin Conditions that Benefit from Essential Oils

Essential oils have also been found to relieve several certain frustrating skin conditions, including:

Menopausal Dryness

When estrogen production drops during menopause, the body has a harder time maintaining moisturized skin. That’s because one of estrogen’s roles is to spur skin’s production of oils and collagen. It’s not unusual to find your skin becoming dryer, thinner and more wrinkled as menopause sets in.

Fortunately, menopausal women can regain their radiant skin by applying body oil. Products like Rodin body oil help women in menopause achieve luscious, moisturized skin by replacing the oils and collagen lost when estrogen levels fall. Rodin olio lusso body oil also contains a special combination of essential oils to rejuvenate skin, regardless of age.


Few conditions are as irritating as eczema. Happily, clinical studies have found that the dry, raw skin eczema sufferers experience can be alleviated with essential oils such as sweet almond oil, as included in Rodin body oil.

Whether you suffer from oil imbalance, eczema or dry aging skin, Rodin olio lusso and other body oils can help you rediscover perfect skin health. Just be sure to apply your favorite body oil after bathing. That way, the moisture from your shower or bath will be locked into the skin.

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