Defy Your Age with Anti-Aging Skincare

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RODIN olio lusso Luxury Face OilNot only is the skin your body’s largest organ – it is an external organ that can demonstrate your age. The effects of aging will always take a toll on your skin, but your habits can dictate the speed of its deterioration. By taking good care of your skin with healthy habits and products like RODIN olio lusso, you can prolong the aging process.

Changes in Your Skin as You Age

Dryness. As you age, your skin gets drier because your body slowly loses the ability to naturally create moisturizing oils.

Thinning. As the skin loses the fatty layer below the epidermis, it becomes thinner. The slower regeneration of skin cells as you age can also cause thinning. Sun exposure speeds up the thinning process and breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin.

Sagging. Gravity paired with altered hormone levels and decreased levels of skin fat, elastin and collagen will make your skin sag. Taking care your skin now with healthy habits and a comprehensive skin care routine can help delay sagging.

Age spots. Simply put, age spots (or liver spots) are sun spots. Your body creates them in response to sun exposure to protect the deeper layers of your skin. Prevent their appearance by always wearing a moisturizer with an SPF component and by staying out of the sun.

Wrinkles. In your 30s and 40s, you start to develop wrinkles because of a lifetime of muscle and skin movements. In your 50s, your wrinkles can become more prominent as your skin starts to sag. Smoking and sun exposure speed up the development of wrinkles.


RODIN olio lusso: Anti-Aging Skincare

Created with floral and botanical essential oils, the RODIN olio lusso (Italian for “luxury oil”) line offers a chemical-free, anti-aging solution for your skin, lips and hair.

RODIN Crema Luxury Hand & Body Cream: Replenish your skin’s moisture and restore its natural balance. The hand and body cream contains antioxidants and healing agents to help nourish your skin and keep it supple.

RODIN olio lusso Luxury Face Oil: Oil for your face? Yes! Perfect for any skin type, RODIN face oil hydrates thirsty skin without leaving it greasy or causing breakouts. Anti-aging starts with a couple of drops.

RODIN olio lusso Lip Balm: The skin on your lips can reveal a lot about your age. Keep your kisser moisturized, soft and ageless with RODIN Lip Balm.

RODIN by Recine Luxury Hair Oil: Add luster and elasticity to your locks with the specially formulated RODIN Hair Oil. Use a couple of drops on your scalp to alleviate irritations, or work into your hair (wet or dry) to give it a youthful shine.

RODIN olio lusso Perfume: The perfect accompaniment to the RODIN line of face, body and hair oils, RODIN perfume combines spicy neroli with jasmine. Wear this long lasting, oil-based perfume alone, or layer it with your RODIN favorite.

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