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I am a total self-tanner connoisseur, I love being tan but am so afraid of the sun, so I have used just about everything on the market to achieve the perfect bronzed look...

I am a total self-tanner connoisseur,I love being tan but am so afraid of the sun, so I have used just about everything on the market to achieve the perfect bronzed look.
Luckily, the smelly-stainy-messes of self-tanning from years past have come a long, long way. Some of my favorite  tanners are those that are "scent-secure" and we have several to choose from at b-glowing: Xen-Tan, Diana B., and now we are proud to introduce St. Tropez!

This is a luxe line devoted to keeping you bikini-ready all year round. The formulations go from intese to everyday-gradual use. I have perfected my tan already using a mix of the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Spray (application is so easy!) and the St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks to give my cheeks and color bone depth.
A must have before your next vacation!

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Atopalm makes a fabulous moisture cream that is great for any part of the body.  They also have a wonderful under makeup face cream for daytime use.  .  ATOPALM...a line of products formulated specifically for dry,sensitive and sun damaged skin. The unique, paraben free, patented MLE-Multi Lamellar Emulsion formulas* containing plant derived ingredients,mimic the structure of the natural skin lipids and provide the ultimate in revitalizing the skins' moisture through the restoration of the skin's protective moisture barrier system. This enables it to successfully moisturize, soothe and calm skin that is experiencing agitation from allergies, rosacea and other conditions related to dry and sensitive skin. These symptoms can be a result of the skin layers being deficient in ceramide and fatty acids.

We're so thrilled to have a product that gets rid of the redness in sensitive skin.  It's amazing what a difference it has made in my skin.  Normally I've always been prone to be more red, but just after a few days of using ATOPALM the redness has just disappeared.  I've been  using the Atopalm Under-Makeup Moisturzer each day.  What a difference it has made!

If you've experienced redness in your skin, please ask for a free sample of ATOPALM with your next order and let us know what it did for your face.  We'd love to hear your feedback!!!