Updating Your Makeup Look for Spring and Summer

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Jouer CosmeticsIt’s time to pack up the browns, grays and blues of winter and update the look of your makeup for spring and summer. Even if the weather outside is still a little chilly, spring blossoms are opening up and showing the world their colors. Now it’s your turn to do the same by updating your beauty arsenal with the help of Jouer Cosmetics and a St. Tropez tan.

The Rules of Color

Peach, coral, juicy pink, orchid purple, fuchsia, turquoise, banana yellow and cornflower blue: The hottest colors in makeup this season are bright. So you don’t end up matching the latest Easter egg basket trend (or an Easter egg itself), there are two rules of thumb to remember when it comes to summer makeup:

1. Less is more.

2. One or the other: Go for either bright eyes or bright lips – not both.

Give Your Face a Glow

Gone are the days of booking back-to-back appointments at a parlor so you can jump onto a tanning bed. Not only do tanning bed tans look totally fake (you know they do), they expose you to harmful UV rays. Melanoma isn’t hot, and tanning beds aren’t worth the risk. Instead, turn to the option your favorite celebrities use: a St. Tropez spray tan. St. Tropez has brought self-tanning to a new level that gets rid of the carrot-orange tint, embarrassing streaks and that horrid smell other self-tanners seem to have. The only way to mess up with a St. Tropez spray tan is to not follow the directions.

After applying the tanning mousse, cream or spray to your body, use a St. Tropez face lotion to give your face the same effortless glow. Keep in mind that St. Tropez tanning products darken your skin gradually, so it might take a few uses to get the sun-kissed look you want. If you’re in a hurry for an instantly bronzed look, like for Hawaiian shirt day at work, consider using the Instant Glow Wash Off St. Tropez face lotion – a tinted lotion that doesn’t have any tanning agents and washes off with soap and water.

Add Color to Your Eye Palette

Fashionistas this season are borrowing colors from the days of Twiggy and Flower Power. If you already dig the bright, festive colors this fashion season is introducing, dive right in. If the bright colors intimidate you, or they’re just not your thing, take baby steps or improvise. Try using a bright color to line your upper eyelid, then graduate to using the color on the outer corners of your eyelids or to accent a neutral or muted color. The trick is to play and experiment with your makeup at home well before you want to wear it out in public so you have the chance to find the color combinations you like best.

Peachy Blush

Peachy blush can give you the rosy-cheeked look that children naturally have (luckies). The Blushing Beauty Collection by Jouer Cosmetics comes with the perfect peach blush for any skin tone and matches it with a translucent powder, highlighting powder, shimmer powder and other pretties to give you a timeless, elegant look. This peachy set is perfect for this year’s wedding season, and not just for brides-to-be. Brides, consider giving the each girl in your wedding party a Blushing Beauty Jouer Cosmetics set. There’s a good chance they’ll enjoy wearing it more than the bridesmaid dresses.

Pink Pouts

Like peachy cheeks, the perfect pink pout is a timeless trend that’s modern, elegant and feminine. This season’s pink lip colors range from conservative, can’t-go-wrong to shades of coral to bright fuchsia. If you veer from a conservative, rosy tint on your lips, make sure you match the lip color you pick to your skin tone or people will stare at you for the wrong reason.

The spring and summer makeup trends are all about showing your artistic, creative side. Bid farewell to the drab and dreary, and welcome the spring and summer with the season’s bright color scheme.

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