Supermodel Erin Wasson's Beauty Secrets - Rodin olio lusso

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Gorgeous model Erin Wasson who embodies the boho-chic, 'natural' hippie lifestyle was recently featured in a candid interview on sharing her views on fashion as well as low key approach to beauty. A 'no sparkle' girl, Erin is very low maintenance with makeup. In fact, the only thing she'll wear is RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up natural foundation because its virtually undetectable and melts into the skin. Wear it as a concealer or foundation to cover T-zones and redness. As you can see in the vanity pictures she is also a big fan of Rodin olio lusso products and seems to have gotten the memo from the rest of the fashion industry where the Rodin word is spreading like hotcakes. She's a big fan of the Rodin Crema and Olio Lusso Body Oil.


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