The New Black Ombre Nail Shades in Cosmopolitan!

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If you're not on the ombre nail trend right now might I appeal to you to take a gander. Never before have nails been in the spotlight as much as makeup and I simply can't get enough of it. Thanks to brand The New Black, the guesswork is all taken out of it. Instead of wondering what shades will look the best together they have reasonably priced, ready made ombre kits for the taking. What are ombre nails? Basically a transition of color going from your pinky to your thumb or you can do a dual coated nail where the bottom half is black and the top is black glitter, etc. You catch my drift. Whether your favorite colors are blacks, grays, blues, golds and so forth The New Black Ombre Nail Sets offer five polishes in a light to dark palette. This brand was recently featured in Cosmopolitan so you know there is no other way than ombre!

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