Valentine's Gift Ideas For Beauty Junkies!

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Ok I know Valentine's is kind of a cheesy holiday to celebrate but I love getting presents so I always have the, "But it's Valentine's" line on the backburner for my hubby. This chocolates and flowers holiday will be here in just a few weeks so I thought I'd give some great ideas for my fellow beauty junkie sisters who are a little bit underwhelmed by the classic gifts. Here are some must have beauty items that will make a perfect Valentine's....

Clarisonic Mia2
The latest addition to the Clarisonic family comes in pink or white and has been updated from the classic Mia by having two different speeds as well as a 60 second T-Timer to ensure you're cleasing for the required 60 seconds. This is a great one to give the male loved one in your life as well. Watch your skin change over the course of a few weeks due to it's powerful sonic cleansing that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Clarisonic White Mia2(TM) Sonic Skin Cleansing

Paul & Joe's Kitty Blusher Stick
I'm not even a cat lover but I can't help but get a little excited over Paul & Joe's Spring 2012 Meow Collection. The Kitty Blusher stick comes in three different shades and comes in lipstick style packaging and application. Turn the capsule and watch as a cat in the hat pops up to say hello! My personal fave is Minou because it's a gorgeous soft pink that I can wear everyday with any look.

Kitty Blusher Stick - Limited Edition Spring 2012

Mama Mio Skin Tight Toning Serum
Don't forget summer will be here before we know it and I haven't had as much time to hit the gym these past few months, which means I could use a little extra help. Mama Mio's Skin Tight is a toning product that smoothes and retexturizes uneven skin meaning we can say goodbye to alot of that unsightly orange peel look seen on our thigh and buttocks area. Actually, I wouldn't be sure how to take that if my husband got me this product for Valentines, but if I ask for it then that's different.

Skin Tight - Toning Serum

Tokyo Milk Honey and The Moon Parfum
I'm falling in love with this sugary fragrance that will immediately turn heads because of it's sweet honey, violet and crushed sandalwood aroma. Best of all the price point at only $28!

Honey & The Moon No. 10 Parfum

skyn ICELAND'S Pure Cloud Cream
Tried a sample of this ah-may-zing facial moisturizer and can't wait to have a whole jar all to myself. Ideal for stressed and sensitive skin, nonetheless your skin will soak in all of the highest grade of pure and active natural ingredients available. The Pure Cloud Cream pampers and calms seriously stressed skin.

Pure Cloud Cream

GlamGlow Mud Mask
I'm OBSESSED with this Mud Mask straight from Hollywood! It lightly exfoliates your skin with green tea leaves and VIP mud dredged from the South of France brings out any impurities and literally leaves your complexion with a glow.




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