Clarisonic Brush Head Comparison

Normal Brush Head
skin & men
General cleansing
and occasional
dryness, shaving
prep for men
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Sensitive Brush Head
normal skin
Daily care and
general cleansing,
ideal for new users
Standard with
most models
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Delicate Brush Head
very sensitive,
aging & thin skin
Extra gentle for
highly reactive
skin that's prone
to redness and
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Acne Cleansing Brush Head
Gentle cleansing of acne-
prone skin, blemish
management and prevention-
soft brush won't irritate
exisiting blemishes
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Deep Pore Cleansing Brush
normal to
oily skin
Deep cleansing for
congested skin,
helps minimize appearance
of pores
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Clarisonic Body Brush
skin and men
Gently exfoliates, removing
dead skin cells to smooth
skin on your back, legs,
knees and feet
Works with Clarisonic
PLUS and PRO models
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