Behind The Brand Kaplan MD

Letter from Dr. Kaplan

As a Beverly Hills dermatologist for over 25 years, I have made it my life's work to help people look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside.

In this spirit, I formulated and developed kaplanMD Skincare - a line of medically proven skincare solutions designed to treat the unmet skin needs of today's men and women.

My colleagues ask me why I started a skincare line when the market is saturated with new products. The answer is simple: I could not find a product out there that prevented and treated the skin symptoms my patients complained about.

kaplanMD is the result of 4 years of intense research and clinical trials. Most skincare products on the market today only address two types of aging, which are caused by Time and Environmental Damage. But I have identified a third type of skin aging caused by Natural Hormonal Progression. This creates skin symptoms different from just chronologic aging or sun damage alone, and has never been addressed by a skincare line before.

Then after seeing my patients bring in bags of products to ask my opinion on which ones they should use and in which order, I knew I needed to make kaplanMD easy to use.

As a result, kaplanMD is based on my 10-3-1 Concept: 10 active ingredients per product, to prevent and treat all 3 types of skin aging, in 1 concise and synergistic line. Each formula is maximized with the best ingredients so you get the benefits of a dozen products in just 1 application. Consider kaplanMD the first complete “balanced diet” for the skin.

Understand that this not a gimmicky, "instant result" based line. I would not stake my name and reputation on a product unless I believed in it. These are lifestyle products, meant for long term use, and to change the way your skin transitions.

Dr. Kaplan's Bio

Dr. Stuart Kaplan graduated with honors from New York University, earning his bachelor's degree in biology in two and a half years. He applied for medical school in his sophomore year of college and was accepted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He completed his residency in Dermatology at UCLA Medical Center, and was Chief Resident of the program in his final year of residency. He is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA Medical Center and the Wadsworth VA Medical Center, where he is an attending physician in dermatologic surgery. Dr. Kaplan has received honors and awards from the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association and the United States Congress.

He has been a medical consultant for numerous television series, including Baywatch and the Montel Williams Show. He has appeared on the local news for CBS, NBC, KTLA, ABC, KCAL, and KCOP. Nationally, he has been interviewed on MSNBC and the Fox News Channel. He has done special features for Inside Edition and cable access channels. In addition, Dr. Kaplan has been interviewed by Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Mirabella, Marie Claire, Fitness, and Elle magazines. He has lectured and taught other dermatologists and health care professionals about Botox, Softform, and Dermalogen.