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Not A Perfume 100ml

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Along with today’s minimalist trend, Not a Perfume follows suit and adds extremity, irreverence and conceptual characteristics to deliver a true art form.  You have now stepped into a new and elegant form of perfumery. With Not a Perfume you get exactly what you want from the scent: it does not evolve; it is not a composition, but rather a particular fragrance that is very strong & lasting on skin. Just like the white packaging it’s housed in, its makeup is fresh, clean, and clinical.  This brand new concept from Romano Ricci is a modern day fragrance that is 100% synthetic and created without allergens.

Not a Perfume is made of 1 single synthetic ingredient – Ambroxan. Ambroxan is a molecular creation that comes from the organic research. Developed by Firmenich in the 1950’s to replace Ambergris, a very rare ingredient.  It is usually used as a back note in perfume composition, even if its smell is curiously quite far from its original inspiration.

  1. Jennifer, Hutley, MS

    Love this perfume. It's light and versatile. I gave it a 4 because it is not as strong as I think it should be. Seems like I have to use a lot. I like the smell but am not sure I would buy again as it is an expensive perfume that requires 4 sprays to make itself known. I use 1-2 sprays of my other brands.

  2. Melissa, Forest Park, IL

    One of my absolute favorite new perfumes. They are right! It's not a perfume, but instead a gorgeous personal scent. I wear it every day!

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