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Not A Perfume 50ml

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Along with today’s minimalist trend, Not a Perfume follows suit and adds extremity, irreverence and conceptual characteristics to deliver a true art form.  You have now stepped into a new and elegant form of perfumery. With Not a Perfume you get exactly what you want from the scent: it does not evolve; it is not a composition, but rather a particular fragrance that is very strong & lasting on skin. Just like the white packaging it’s housed in, its makeup is fresh, clean, and clinical.  This brand new concept from Romano Ricci is a modern day fragrance that is 100% synthetic and created without allergens.

Not a Perfume is allergen free and made of 1 single synthetic ingredient – Ambroxan. Ambroxan is a molecular creation that comes from the organic research. Developed by Firmenich in the 1950’s to replace Ambergris, a very rare ingredient.  It is usually used as a back note in perfume composition, even if its smell is curiously quite far from its original inspiration.

  1. Bridgette, Florida

    I love this perfume so much, everytime i wear it i get compliments. I cant even describe the smell it is just amazing

  2. Juli Dressler, New Orleans, LA

    really interesting fragrance, very warm but clean and refreshing. Love it for the cooler months! I am often complimented when wearing this, and everyone loves the name and concept.

  3. Kayla, Gresham, OR

    I cannot find another perfume that i like better than this one and i've tried a LOT of perfumes. i normally like to switch it up from day to day but i just love this one so much i wear it almost everyday. I've gotten multiple compliments when i wear this too :)LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  4. Kayla - b-glowing team member, Portland, OR

    I'm pretty sensitive to perfume and I never really wore perfume until I came across this scent. A co-worker wore this and I loved the scent on her so I decided to give it a try and now this is all I will use. It's such a beautiful scent.

  5. Robin, Portland

    LOVE this scent... It is kind of musky but not dark. I didn't like the name at first but after you wear it you understand that it ISN'T like other perfumes. It wears like it belongs on your skin. I'm in love.

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