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Receive a NuFACE Gel Primer (2 oz) $12 Value

Get the most out of our NuFACE device with this optimizing gel primer.

Access with NuFACE orders $75.00+

As soon as we’re born we start to age which inevitably will find us standing in the mirror in our mid 30’s asking ourselves when the heck these frown lines got so apparent. When this happens, we turn to NuFACE®, the first hand held devices FDA cleared for facial stimulation.

No needles, pain or downtime, just the power of microcurrent at home to non-invasively and gently lift, tone and sculpt your face without any side effects.

By stimulating the skin in the same way we strengthen muscles, this anti-aging device will have eyes look more open and brows more arched. Our personal favorite is the NuFACE® Trinity Facial Toning Device whose results just get better and better the more you use it!

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