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Age Embracing

This is a place for women who have lived life—women with stories.

For risk-takers, rule-breakers, and those who believe beauty has no age limit. For women who refuse to be told what to wear and how to behave. For anyone not afraid to let themselves GLOW.

There are no rules here—only tips, tricks, and product picks to help you embrace your unique beauty. It’s all about finding what suits you, your personality and your sense of style. You’re the one deciding. We’re just here to help.

We’re celebrating the 15-year anniversary of b-glowing! Read About Our Journey

Enjoying The Journey—15 Years Of b-glowing

We’re celebrating the 15-year anniversary of b-glowing! It’s a meaningful milestone and the perfect time to reflect on how far we’ve come from our Founder, Lisa.

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Four Ways To Add Collagen To Your Skincare Routine

Collagen is one of those beauty buzzwords that seems to pop up everywhere. From skincare, to supplements—collagen-infused products offer a range of benefits. Collagen can also be applied topically to restore plumpness, hydration, and radiance. Discover our favorite collagen-infused skincare products for younger-looking skin.


KORRES White Pine Meno-Reverse Collection is formulated with breakthrough ingredients to restore skin’s volume + firmness.

KORRES Meno-Reverse

As we age, lower levels of collagen and estrogen have a big impact on skin. KORRES White Pine Meno-Reverse Collection is formulated with breakthrough ingredients to restore skin’s volume + firmness.

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Makeup for mature skin, the creation of b-glowing BEAUTY

With love, from us to you

The Illuminate + Shine™ Palette is a labor of love, and a dream three years in the making. We’re perfectionists, and our in-house experts worked tirelessly to create a beautiful product that enhances, flatters, and illuminates mature skin. From the expertly-curated, complementary colors, to the innovative packaging, to the skincare-infused formulas, everything was designed with the greatest care and attention to detail. This is our gift to you.

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Filorga TIME-ZERO Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum

Skin-smoothing ingredients and powerful science combine to create this lightweight, ultra-effective serum. The silky formula penetrates deep into skin to plump, firm, and nourish for a youthful glow!

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Laura Dern getting ready with the Illuminate + Shine Palette

Actress Laura Dern is an outspoken advocate for women's empowerment, which is why we were overjoyed to see her wearing our Illuminate + Shine palette at the Met Gala. We’re still pinching ourselves over this one! Makeup by @gitabass.

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Smile Makers: Vibrators designed by women for women

Meet Smile Makers

Age Embracing Beauty includes tending to our wellbeing and adopting selfcare rituals that serve us as we age. An important aspect of this is our sexual wellbeing. Meet Smile Makers—a different brand of vibrators designed by women for women.

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how to choose a skin care device for mature skin

Compare Top Beauty Devices

The newest wave of at-home skincare tools for mature skin are handheld and high-tech. Beauty devices offer beautiful, younger looking skin in the palm of your hand. But with so many to choose from—how do you know which one is right for you? You’re in the right place! We’re breaking down NuFace, ZIIP, Tria, Foreo, and more.

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The Best Beauty Products For Menopausal + Post-Menopausal Women

Lower levels of estrogen have a big impact on skin as we age. In fact, it’s estimated that up to one third of our dermal collagen is lost in the first five years after menopause begins. So, we’ve hand-picked our favorite beauty products to help combat skin concerns and other common side-effects of menopause to keep you looking and feeling your best.



As we age, our skin changes. Dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, and fine lines can be harder to care for. Luckily, we’ve selected our top five moisturizers from beloved beauty brands to hydrate skin and combat signs of aging—so skin looks supple and radiant day after day.

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b-glowing BEAUTY Illuminate + Shine Palette

What's inside?

Everything you need to create a complete look with ease: a brightening primer, a universally-flattering highlighter, and eight pigment-packed shadows that you can mix and match.

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Shop Powerful, peptide-infused skincare collection from Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth Peptide 21™ Collection

Trust us when we say—peptides deserve a place in your skincare routine! This powerful, peptide-infused skincare collection from Peter Thomas Roth is formulated to help improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, + overall radiance.

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Perfect look for women of color

Get the look: Rococo + Vintage

Date night? Girls’ night? Hitting up a party? Step into the spotlight with makeup that’s as dazzling as you are.

Created with the Illuminate + Shine palette™, this shimmery look is glam enough for special occasions, but understated enough for everyday wear. And because we believe women over 40 absolutely can (and should!) wear shimmer, this look works for women of ALL ages. It's your time to shine!

Pro tip:
For extra intensity and shimmer, apply wet.

Apply your shadow with a brush, then gently press it further into skin with your fingertips. The warmth will melt the shadow into your skin for an ultra-seamless look.

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5 Reasons You’re Struggling with Skin Redness

5 Reasons You’re Struggling with Skin Redness

Skin redness is incredibly common and there are a handful of reasons for unwanted blotches and rosiness. If you can’t seem to shake skin redness, there may be a simple solution. Discover five overlooked reasons why your skin is still showing signs of redness and what you can do about it.

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b-glowing BEAUTY founder Lisa King's Age Embracing story

Lisa’s journey

“I felt ignored by the beauty industry—like my wants, needs, and desires weren’t being addressed. I knew if I was frustrated by the limited makeup options for mature women, other women must be, too.” – Lisa, b-glowing founder. Read more about her journey, and the inspiration behind our Illuminate + Shine™ Palette

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Oribe’s Silverati collection for mature hair

Grey Pride

There’s nothing more chic or sophisticated than embracing grey and white hair as we age. Keep your grey + white tresses looking healthy and shiny with Oribe’s Silverati collection. These specially formulated products instantly brighten hair eliminating dullness and yellow tones for vibrant, silky-soft tresses you’ll love to show off day after day.


Learn Everything You Need to Know About Retinol

Rosebud Woman

Rosebud Woman delivers innovative intimate wellness products of the highest standards to meet the specific concerns of women. Using impeccable plant-derived ingredients, this lovely down-there skincare collection aims to help women feel their very best at all stages of life.

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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Retinol

Everything You Need to Know About Retinol

As we age, skin renewal begins to slow. Retinol gives this renewal process a boost by increasing cellular turnover and improving collagen production. With regular use, retinol diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dark spots and discoloration, and leaves skin visibly radiant. Still, there are a lot of myths surrounding retinol. So, what’s the real story? We’ve created a fool-proof list of retinol products we love and we’re sorting out fact from fiction along the way.

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Perfect look for mature women, Jamie Lee Curtis-approved!

The Illuminate + Shine Palette is Jamie Lee Curtis-approved!

No big deal or anything, but the legendary Jamie Lee Curtis recently rocked our Illuminate + Shine Palette ™ on set! We can’t think of anyone who embodies the spirit of Age Embracing™ beauty better than her, either. Like us, Jamie is disappointed that society uses the term “anti” to talk about aging. She’s refreshingly real when it comes to issues like ageism, and she shares our passion for challenging outdated ideas about what makes a woman beautiful. Jamie is breaking rules, and proving that beauty is not a number. Makeup by Camille Clark @camillemarieclark.

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IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer

Mature skin can require an extra boost from time to time. Luckily, this rosy tone moisturizer provides an intense dose of hydration, nourishment, and radiance. The velvety moisturizer absorbs instantly reviving skin with cell-renewing ingredients. The best part? The rosy tone creates a healthy, youthful glow.

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How to use highlighter for mature skin

Let yourself GLOW

We may have abandoned the beauty trends of decades past (teased bangs, frosted lipstick... how did we ever think you were chic?) but we’ll never NOT want luminous, lit-from-within skin. We believe you should let yourself glow at every age, which is why we’ve included a radiance-boosting highlighter in the Illuminate + Shine™ Palette. The long-lasting cream has just the right amount of shimmer without being sparkly, blending like a dream to give your complexion a natural-looking glow that never cakes or creases. Swipe on cheekbones, browbones, cupid bow's and the inner corners of the eyes to add a gorgeous light to skin.

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