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Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

When you were younger, you probably didn’t give much thought to your skin care routine. Sunscreen was an afterthought and wrinkles weren’t even a thought! But, unfortunately, the aging process is a universal human experience; it happens naturally and without your consent. So now it’s finally time to think about anti-aging skin care.

People can often forget that taking care of your skin isn’t limited to your face. The skin on your body is very different from the skin on your face. Aging skin tends to be more delicate and often thinner on the face and hands, as it loses elasticity, and typically, a single anti-aging product isn’t going to work for both face and body.

But the process is frustrating, especially those first signs of a wrinkle. They creep around your mouth, eyes, and even your forehead, and depending on how well you’ve protected your skin (or if you are genetically unlucky) the first signs of aging can start to show in your twenties.

No matter your age, it’s an anxiety-ridden process. You hop from one anti-aging skin care product to the next in your search to try and find a way to prevent them from getting worse, wasting both a lot of time and money. But this can be avoided by understanding the causes behind the wrinkles.

During the course of your life almost everything that you do to your skin will leave some kind of lasting effect (so smile more!). As your skin ages, it can’t regenerate as quickly, which can lead to wrinkles, dryness, sagging, and thinning. This is where anti-aging skin care products come into play.

What Causes Wrinkles?

How and when your skin ages is a complicated series of events. Isn’t that always the case? But there are some primary culprits.

Sun damage is probably the single-biggest cause of skin aging. Repeated exposure to UVA and UVB rays (whether from the sun or a tanning bed) destroys collagen and elastin causing abnormal skin cells.

Genetics also play a big factor in how your skin reacts to sun damage. Luckily, if you have darker skin (meaning more melanin) you’re less susceptible to the sun’s destruction of your skin.

Each year we get a little older. We know this. But just like our bodies, our skin shows the signs of aging as well. Plus, as you age, the fat and bone that support your face depletes, which can cause skin to sag.

The loss of hormones (namely those lost during menopause) changes the texture and elasticity of skin, like not bouncing back as well when pinched.

It is no surprise that the muscles you use most in your face tend to be the ones that age the fastest.

However, all is not lost! There are many wonderful anti-aging tips. The best part, they are relatively easy too. Just by getting more sleep, drinking more water, and upping your dose of antioxidants, you can help keep your skin radiant. Though you may not be able to reverse any damage, there are many anti-aging products to help keep you looking young, which, in turn, makes you feel it too!

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