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Avene Makeup Primer

Prepping your skin before applying makeup is an important step that all too many people leave out. Primer makes the skin flatter and more even. This way, you can apply your makeup more smoothly and beautifully. Primer also helps to make facial skin like a blank canvas, ready for the makeup that is later painted onto it. It also helps makeup to stay on longer, so that you don't have to keep fixing or reapplying it during the day.

Avene products are nearly all formulated for sensitive or problem skin. They go above and beyond just decorating the face or giving temporary moisture: They work beneath the surface of the skin to heal it. Avene primers are no exception. Avene Mattifying Fluid, for instance, soothes and softens skin with the patented Avene Thermal Spring Water and provides an even base to apply makeup on. It also reduces shininess so that you can get that flawless look you are after.

If you want your makeup look to be as long-lasting as it is beautiful, you should definitely make applying a primer your first step. Let Avene Mattifying Fluid be your go-to primer to achieve that all-natural look that even celebrities wear.


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