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Avene Face

If you have sensitive skin, then Avene makeup is for you. Specially formulated with damaged, irritated or inflamed skin in mind, Avene products are formulated with a special water from a thermal spring in France that helps to heal skin. Avene makeup products are not greasy or oily, allowing you to apply them without worrying about smearing your makeup on other things or clogging your pores. Avene makeup serves two purposes: to beautify your skin and to heal it at the same time.

When it comes to makeup application, we love to start with Avene Mattifying Fluid. This light gel fluid is applied before your other makeup to reduce shine and make for an even base. Not only is it not oily itself, but it actually reduces the fats and oils that are already on your skin with just one application! It soothes and softens skin while prepping it for makeup application, giving you a flawless face in seconds. Like other Avene products, Mattifying Fluid is paraben-free.

Once you have a nice, matte base to start from, you can apply your other makeup. Avene is your go-to primer to get that natural look that any woman would want, so you can give that a try with these products!


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