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Avene Cleansers

Every day, our skin is exposed to countless impurities and irritants. This can be especially harmful for those with sensitive skin, as it can exacerbate any problems that you may already have. That is why Avene products are made to gently remove impurities and heal the skin beneath - without causing any more damage.

We recommend Avene Micellar Lotion, which is a cleansing water that can remove makeup and impurities without you having to get in the shower. It also helps to restore hydrolipidic barrier, which defends the skin against bacteria. You can just use a cotton ball to remove makeup, and the skin underneath will be left soft, smooth and protected from further impurities. Unlike other makeup removers, this does not have to be washed off after you use it, so you can save some time as well.

We also have a soft spot for Avene's Cleansing Foam. This cleanser also leaves skin soft and fresh without any annoying shininess or grease. This matte-finish foam calms irritated and inflamed skin with the help of Avene Thermal Spring Water and prevents skin from producing excess oils. So not only are you cleaning your skin, you are making it healthier to boot!


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