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Avene Eye Care

Eyes are the windows to our soul, as the saying goes, but what do the eyes say when they look tired or puffy? That's why we love these Avene eye care products. Instead of having to put on sunglasses to hide your peepers when your eyes are looking exhausted, why not try one of these Avene products instead.

First up is the PhysioLift EYES Wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles eye cream. Use it every day to reduce puffiness around the eyes as well as tone down dark circles. This Avene product also works on reducing fine lines, crow's feet and wrinkles. It goes on lightly, without clogging pores.

The YstheAL Eye and Lip Contour Care eye cream contains three patented ingredients - Retinaldehyde, Pre-Tocopheryl and Glycylglycine Oleamide a.k.a. GGO - packed in an airless bottle to make the Avene product work the most effectively. This terrific trio works synergistically on the delicate areas around your eyes and lips to reduce signs of aging. A study of 232 female users found that after just 21 days after using the Avene product, 91 percent reported a refreshing improvement in the eye area. The eyes have it with this amazing cream.


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